Sami Zayn Steals MITB Briefcase, Derails Cash-In Attempt At WWE Crown Jewel

Following Drew McIntyre's unsuccessful attempt at Seth Rollins' WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Crown Jewel 2023, Damian Priest looked set to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on the weakened champion. Sami Zayn put a stop to that, however, emerging in a black hoodie to drive Priest into the ring post and make an escape with the briefcase. 


The Judgment Day as a faction has been embroiled in several feuds over recent months. While no one in the group had a scheduled interest in the WWE Title match today, Damian Priest was always going to lurk around the corner while holding the Money in the Bank briefcase and Rhea Ripley had notably been keeping an eye on Drew McIntyre over recent weeks. 

Sami Zayn has had it in for the group since he and Kevin Owens feuded with them and lost their Undisputed Tag Titles to Priest and Finn Balor, and he sought retribution earlier when he defeated JD McDonagh on the "Kickoff" show. He doesn't appear to be finished with the group though, proving to be Seth Rollins' only ally in Saudi Arabia and putting a stop to Priest's cash-in attempt. Expect "Senor Money in the Bank" to retaliate this coming Monday on "Raw."