AEW Collision Results 11/4 - Darby Allin Vs. Lance Archer, The Acclaimed Celebration

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the November 4 episode of "AEW Collison." This week's episode comes from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas.

Rush will be in action tonight, it'll be his first match since the May 26 episode of "AEW Rampage," where he, Preston Vance, and Dralistico lost to "Daddy A**" Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed. Rush and Vance will be teaming up with FTR to face Gates of Agony (Kaun and Toa Liona) and the AEW Tag Team Champions, Ricky Starks, and Big Bill.


Darby Allin is set to face Lance Archer, there is no doubt that AEW TNT Champion Christian Cage and his cohorts will be close by. Back to The Acclaimed and Gunn, they will be celebrating 69 days of holding the AEW World Trios Titles.

Mark Briscoe will be in action, his opponent hasn't been announced yet. Also, Willow Nightingale is going to be facing Emi Sakura and Swerve Strickland will be in action against his former friend AR Fox.

The show opens up with Fox attacking Strickland while he's backstage. The show's intro begins, Strickland and Fox are now fighting on the ramp. They finally get in the ring and the bell rings.

Swerve Strickland Vs. AR Fox

Fox hits a rolling cutter and gets a one-count. Strickland kicks Fox in the head, and Fox counters. Strickland throws Fox into the ring apron. Strickland picks him up and throws him into the barrier. He takes him back into the ring. They exchange shots. Gates of Agony come out. Fox hits the top turnbuckle. Strickland is on the top rope now and hits a superplex.


Commercial break.

Back from the break, Strickland is taunting Fox, who is kneeling in the ring. Strickland goes for a kick, but misses. DDT and a vertical suplex to Strickland. Fox goes for a 450, getting a two-count. He kicks Strickland in the head. Strickland is now on the top rope, Fox goes after him. Another DDT from the top rope, Fox goes for the cover, but only gets a two-count.

Strickland gets a two-count after he kicks Fox in the head. Fox goes for a roll-up, and gets a two-count. Strickland picks him up and tosses him into the top turnbuckle. Strickland goes to the top, he gets the win.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

Post-match Gates of Agony are about to attack Fox, but FTR comes out to help him. They exchange shots. Starks and Bill are now out here. Everyone is attacking each other. It's a preview of tonight's main event. LFI is out now, they clear the ring. FTR looks to shake their hands, but Rush and his stablemates ignore them. They show House of Black watching in the crowd.


A video package airs of Daniel Garcia and MJF.

The Kingdom In Action, Darby Allin Vs. Lance Archer

Video airs MJF's comments about Jay White pinning him last Wednesday. He calls White a nobody. They cut to the Bullet Club Gold, who are chanting, "Jay pinned MJF." White trash talks MJF then says that they deserve a break from "Collision."


Commercial break.

Back from the break, Kip Sabian is talking to Lexy Nair. He wants to have a trios match with Briscoe.

The Kingdom are coming out. Strong has the mic, he tells the crowd that they don't take neck health seriously or them seriously. He says they are going to show Adam Cole that neck health is important. Mike Bennett and Matt Taven run into the ring, their opponents are already in the ring. Death Valley Driver from Bennett, he tags in Taven. Double team piledriver for the win. It's a squash match.

Post-match, Strong runs in the ring and kicks one of the enhancement talents. He gets help back into his wheelchair.

Backstage with Nair and Briscoe. FTR says that they will be his partners tonight, but he says that he can't let them do that. Briscoe says he won't reveal his partners.


Up next is Archer and Allin's match.

The crowd is chanting Allin's name. The bell rings, and the two lock up. Archer teases Allin. A big right hand. Allin strikes him. The pounce on Allin and he falls out of the ring. Archer brings him back in the ring. Archer goes on the top rope, he walks the ropes, but Allin knocks him over and hits a battering ram. Archer suplexes him out on the ramp. Commercial break.

Back from the break, Archer goes for the Blackout, but Allin counters it, with a stunner, and gets a two-count. He bites Archer on the nose. A middle rope springboard, but Archer just throws him.

The Acclaimed's Celebration

Archer tosses him head first in the top turnbuckle and a chokeslam. Another chokeslam out of the ring. Archer poses in the ring. Jake Roberts has Allin's skateboard, the ref tells him to get out.

Archer tries to intimidate the ref, and Allin gets back in the ring. Archer and Allin are on the top rope, he tries to chokeslam him, but Allin does a thumb to the eye, scratches his back, and a Candian destroyer off the top rope with the win.


Winner: Darby Allin

Post-match, Roberts is back, with the mic, he says that he has more guys – it's the Righteous. Archer is behind Allen while Vincent was talking.

Nair is backstage with Nightingale, Skye Blue, and Kris Statlander. Blue tells Statlander that she didn't pick them over Julia Hart, she did it for Nightingale.

Back from the break, a match between Strickland vs. Penta was made for next Wednesday.

The Acclaimed and Gunn come out to celebrate "69 days." Max Caster does his rap. They scissor in the ring. Gunn has the mic now, and talks to the crowd. Bowens has the mic now, he says he has a surprise. He says it's for Caster. It's a video package, of MJF, he says that Caster has earned his respect. He says Caster has grown to like the Acclaimed, and tells them, "Happy 69 Day."


Caster has the mic now, he thanks them for the present. There is a 69 trophy on the announce table — Caster says it goes to the crowd. Bowens grabs the mic, and tells, Caster to stop being a "gooner." Gunn asks how is he going to 69 the whole crowd. It's an insane promo. Dalton Castle comes out! The crowd is chanting Castle's name. 

AEW Trios Title Match, Mark Briscoe In Action

The boys steal the trophy for Castle. Castle throws the trophy and breaks it.They attack Castle and the Boys. It's a match now for the AEW Trios Championship. The boys have a pinata, they are going to use it against Caster, but Bowens saves him. Back from the break, Bowens hits one of the boys with a superkick. A famouser to one of the boys now. Bowens on top, he tags in Caster. Bowens hits the scissor me timber. Castle hits the mic drop to one of the boys for the wins.


Winners and still the champions: Acclaimed and Gunn 

Post-match, Castle is on the ramp, he's upset. All three of them pose in the ring.

Nair with Andrade El Idolo, she asks about CJ Perry's offer. He says that next week he is going to give his answer to Nair.

Up next is Kip Sabian and the Workhorsemen vs. Mark Briscoe and his tag team partners are — Dustin Rhodes and Keith Lee.

The bell rings, it's Sabian and Briscoe. Briscoe hits a cannonball. He tags in JD Drake who then tags in Anthony Henry. They try to tag team on Briscoe and keep him away from his

Drake is the legal man, he jumps on Briscoe. Sabian is in the ring again, he goes for an inside cradle and gets a two-count. A lariat. Drake is in the ring, he hits a cannonball to Briscoe in the corner. He looks for the Jay Driller, but Briscoe counters. He finally gets to tag in Rhodes. Rhodes hits Drake in the midsection. Double Ax Handle. Briscoe goes off the top rope onto Drake. Lee uses Henry as a weapon to attack Sabian. Briscoe hits the Froggybow to Sabian for the win.


Emi Sakura Vs. Willow Nightingale

Winners: Mark Briscoe, Dustin Rhodes, and Keith Lee

Back from the break, Briscoe is talking to Nair. He talks about whipping White's a** a lot in tag team action and wants to challenge White on Wednesday for his title shot.


Up next is Nightingale vs. Sakura.

The bell rings, and both women run into each other. Neither falls, until Sakura falls over after a crossbody. Nightingale has Sakura in the corner of the ring, she then pushes her into another side of the corner of the ring. Sakura does a big crossbody to Nightingale and she falls off the ring apron.

Sakura hits another crossbody to Nightingale into the steel steps. They roll back into the ring. Nightingale does a cartwheel. She tries to lift up Sakura but fails. Chops to Nightingale in the corner. Another crossbody. She goes for the pin, with her boot on Nightingale, but only gets a two-count.

Back from the break, Sakura throws Nightingale from the ring barrier to the ring apron. Nightingale picks her up and does a Death Valley Driver outside of the ring. Back in the ring, a big shotgun dropkick from the top rope, only getting a two-count.


A swinging neckbreaker to Nightingale. Both women are down. They are up, trading chops. A spinebuster to Sakura for a two-count. Nightingale goes for a powerbomb and gets a win!

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Backstage with Nair and Samoa Joe. She asks if he heard from MJF. He then talks about his reign as the ROH TV Champion, Lee walks up, he wants a match this Wednesday.

Ricky Starks, Big Bill, & Gates of Agony vs. LFI and FTR

It's main event time.

Vance and Bill start off the match. They lock up. Vance tries to do a suplex but gets an elbow to the face. Vance though gets Bill in the ring corner, and strikes him repeatedly. Bill breaks it and throws him into the corner.


Vance falls to the mat after getting Kaun gets tagged in. Vance tags in Wheeler. Kaun punches him in the corner, but Wheeler blocks him. Elbow Drop from Harwood. He's the legal man now. Kaun tags in Liona.

Chops to Liona, then a missile drop kick. Liona gets back up and hits a lariat. Liona tags in Starks. Starks hits him. He tries to do a submission move, but Starks grabs the ropes. Rush is now tagged in. He takes it outside of the ring and keeps throwing Starks in the barriers. Starks gets back into the ring, and Rush follows. Starks down on the mat, Rush has taken over the match — though it's now commercial time. 

Back from the break, it's Harwood and Liona in the ring now. He has Wheeler in the corner where his teammates are and they choke him without the ref seeing it. Starks tags himself in. Starks does the top rope walk. Bill tags in, and Harwood gets to tag in Rush after getting destroyed by Bill.. Rush is back in the ring, and a big knee from Rush to Starks. He kicks Starks and mimics Starks. A powerbomb to Starks.


Blackpool Combat Club Save FTR From House of Black

Vance is tagged in as is Liona. He goes for a spear but hits the turnbuckle. Bill is in, FTR finds themselves in the ring, and tries to take him on together, but he tosses them. Rush is the legal man, he hits a German suplex. Starks spears him.


Starks hits a thrust kick to Lioana accidentally. Rush tags in Harwood. Kaun is the legal man. The big rig. Wheeler flies onto the others outside. It gives Rush time to hit his finisher for the win.

Winners: FTR and LFI

Post-match, FTR once again wants to shake hands with them, but they won't do it. House of Black are on the big screen, they tell FTR they are the only ones who care about them. After the video airs, House of Black are in the ring. They attack FTR. Music plays, it's Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli. Yuta has a chair. Brody King saves Malakai Black from a big swing from Castagnoli. That's the end.