Impact Wrestling Results 11/9: Gresham Vs. Shelley, Purrazzo Vs. Steelz

Welcome to our live Impact Wrestling viewing party. Tonight's show comes from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois.

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Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • Impact World Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Jonathan Gresham
  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Crazzy Steve
  • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Tasha Steelz
  • Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards
  • Joe Hendry vs. Brian Myers

Tasha Steelz vs. Deonna Purrazzo

We see photos of their past as the commentary breaks down their friendship going south after losing at Bound For Glory. The match starts with Tasha offering a handshake that's accepted. Lock up to start and they stay locked for a beat until they drop it at the same time. They move to the mat where they reverse brief holds. Deonna attempts a cover and then they separate again. Deonna applies a body scissors on the mat before Tasha twists the left ankle. 


Back on their feet, Deonna sends Tasha to the apron for a moment but Tasha jumps back in with a head scissors takedown and then she twerks. Deonna takes Tasha down and then does some twerking of her own. Deonna counters a cutter by shoving Tasha off of her. They trade roll ups and then Steelz kicks Deonna, Deonna kicks Steelz, and they double clothesline each other down. Deonna traps Tasha in the fujiwara armbar but Steelz rolls out. 

Steelz does another head scissor takedown and traps Deonna in Venus de Milo. Deonna slips out and applies the armbar again only for Steelz to roll her back into a cover while raking the eyes. Tasha slaps Deonna across the face and sends her into the post before hitting a cutter. Steelz fires up in the corner as Deonna gets to her feet. Another cutter connects and Tasha covers for the win.


Winner: Tasha Steelz

Kenny King & Sheldon Jean interrupt Santino's conversation with ABC backstage as they apparently want a shot at the tag gold.

Digital Media Title: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Crazzy Steve

Lock up starts and they spill to the outside. Back inside, Steve rakes his back and delivers chops. Dreamer tries going up top for punches but Steve instead bites his leg to get him off. Steve hits a Side Russian Legsweep and then a neck snapmare. Dreamer finally gets Steve up top and lands the superplex. They slug it out in the middle until Dreamer hits Bionic Elbow. Reverse DDT connects, cover. Steve buries his thumb into Dreamer's eye and then does a corner cannonball. 


Steve retrieves a fork and tries stabbing Dreamer in the face but Dreamer bites Steve's hand. Dreamer hits a cutter and picks up the fork. He decides to strike Steve and the ref calls the bell.

Winner: Crazzy Steve by DQ

Dreamer digs the fork into Steve's bloodied forehead to continue the attack. Steve finally rolls out while laughing maniacally. 

Gia Miller speaks to Jonathan Gresham ahead of his world title match tonight.

Brian Myers vs. Joe Hendry

Hendry cuts a promo before the bell and refers to Myers as "Adam's b*tch." Once the action starts, Myers is able to take control with attacking offense. He body slams Hendry and fires up in the corner. He goes for a spear but Hendry cuts him off with an uppercut before tossing him to the floor. Hendry gets Myers back inside for an uppercut, cover. Myers rolls out but Hendry drags him right back in with a suplex, cover.


Hendry swings Myers around for another powerslam and then an elbow drop, cover. Myers trips Hendry into the ropes before hitting a leg sweep into a cover. Myers shoves at Hendry's face and then uppercuts. Hendry counters with a trustfall to turn the tides. Hendry delivers chops and then hits a stalling suplex, cover. Myers takes Hendry down again with a headlock. Hendry powers out with a back drop and then flattens him with clotheslines.

Three fallaway slams on Myers, but it's still not enough. Myers suckers Hendry in with a kick and DDT, nearfall. Hendry lands a pop up powerbomb, Myers kicks out. Myers goes to the ropes and thumbs Hendry in the eyes over the ref's head. Myers hits Roster Cut for the win.


Winner: Brian Myers

We see a vignette for Will Ospreay before he speaks to Gia backstage. Will is undefeated in IMPACT since returning and he'll take on Alexander next week. Will touts himself as a former world champion while being the current IWGP UK Champion. He wants to see if Josh has what it takes. 

Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young

Lock up, Eddie pivots to a headlock. EY lands a dropkick and continues to outmaneuver Eddie at each stop until Alisha grabs EY's foot on the side. Eddie tosses EY with an overhead belly-to-belly. Eddie grounds EY with another headlock. Back elbow knocks EY down, cover. Eddie slams EY and then goes up top for a moonsault but nobody's home. EY powerslams Eddie and then goes up top. Alisha distracts, allowing Eddie to slap him. 


EY bites Eddie's forehead and then leaps with an elbow drop, cover. EY goes for the piledriver but Alisha once again gets on the apron. Eddie chops and lays him out with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Alisha goes to whack EY with the kendo stick but accidentally hits Eddie. EY hits the piledriver and covers for the three.

Winner: Eric Young

Backstage, Myers asks Moose where he was. They argue more until Heath interrupts. Moose defends Myers and says he'll have to take it up with him. Heath tells Moose to be ready for a match.

Gia welcomes Sonny Kiss to the Impact Zone. Sonny says she wanted to win the gauntlet in order to challenge Trinity. But now, it's going to be Sonny all year long. Trinity walks up and hugs her. Trinity says she'll talk to management about getting a match with Kiss next week. 


Dirty Dango & Oleg Prudius vs. Nick Diamond & Storm Grayson

Oleg throws the jobbers around while Dango joins commentary. Oleg tosses one of them with a fallaway slam. The other tags in but gets knocked out of the air. Dango runs back to the ring for the tag. Dango flattens one of the opponents and steps on him for the cover.

Winners: Dirty Dango & Oleg Prudius

Jordynne cuts a promo on winning Call Your Shot when Bully attempts to offer a handshake. KiLynn King interrupts and says her win was pure luck. It should've been the King of the Knockouts. King and Bully exchange before Steve Maclin interrupts. He continues to call Bully soft.

World Title: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Jonathan Gresham

The Rascalz introduce Myron Reed to IMPACT. Myron says they're back together next week.

Next week: ABC vs. King & Jean, Rascalz in trios lucha action, Moose vs. Heath, Kiss vs. Trinity, King & Maclin vs. Bully & Jordynne, Ospreay vs. Alexander.


World Title: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Jonathan Gresham

Things start off quick as Shelley runs over Gresham with a shoulder tackle. Gresham ball taps Shelley while the ref is distracted, allowing him to use his wrist tape around Shelley's throat. Gresham then low dropkicks the left knee. Gresham traps Shelley in a Figure Four until Shelley grabs the bottom rope. Gresham keeps picking Shelley apart and attempts a couple pinfalls. Shelley chops Gresham several times but then gets dropped on his injured knee.

Gresham drives Alex's knee into the mat and then uses the wrist tape again to choke him while the ref can't see it. Shelley regroups and traps Gresham in a straight jacket. Gresham gets free and goes back after the knee by slamming it against the mat repeatedly. Shelley manages a cutter into the ropes for some separation as Shelley goes to the outside. Gresham leaps out as Shelley jumps in, so Gresham pulls at the leg. Alex kicks Gresham off and then crossbodies out onto him.


They scrap on the outside as Gresham runs into the post before Shelley hits a DDT. They get back in before the count but Gresham dropkicks the knee in the ropes, cover. Gresham tries pinning him with a handful of tights but it's still not enough. Shelley drops Gresham with a flatliner into the turnbuckle. Tornado DDT out of the corner into a Border City Stretch. Gresham pulls the ref in order to pull himself to the ropes. 

Gresham throws chops before Shelley tries for Border City again. Gresh rolls it back into another cover. Atomic drop and a stomp on the knee from Gresham. He rolls him into a cover, kickout again. Gresham is at a loss. He rakes the eyes but Shelley snaps his arm. Chop to the knee, uppercut counter. Gresham moonsaults off the ropes and then dives out. He leaps back in with a cover but Shelley reverses. Shelley trips Gresham down and they trade more pinfall attempts. 

Gresham bridges, kickout. Gresham applies Figure Four again but Shelley gets the bottom rope. After another round of back and forth, Shelley pulls out Shell Shock to secure the victory.

Winner: Alex Shelley (c)