Imperium's Ludwig Kaiser Discusses WWE Fandom In Germany

WWE is set to host its first-ever premium live event in Germany next year in Berlin with Bash In Berlin scheduled for August. It's the latest premium live event to be held outside of North America, which is a part of WWE's growing international expansion, and Ludwig Kaiser admitted that it is very exciting not only for Imperium but for Germany as a country.

"The WWE Universe in Germany is extremely strong, we have huge support over there," Kaiser told "WWE's The Bump." "We are freshly coming from a Germany tour, four dates, all of them record-breaking ticket sales. The excitement we felt over there was just undescribable, it was amazing, especially for myself."

The German wrestler said the recent tour of the country created a special moment for him. At recent international events, fans have created unforgettable atmospheres, as seen in Backlash and Money In The Bank, which has now set certain expectations for European fans next year.

"Germany has been deserving this for many, many years, and I can guarantee to the WWE Universe the German crowd is not going to disappoint," he said. 

While no matches have been announced for the show, Kaiser hopes to feature in what would be a homecoming PLE for him. He stated that returning to Hamburg for a recent live event was magical, but now it's left him wanting more.

"It let me already think and dream about the 31st of August, Bash In Berlin," he said. "We are going to definitely take this beautiful, beautiful venue apart because Germany is going to run wild.

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