Hernandez Explains Why He Never Won The World Title In TNA

Hernandez experienced great success in TNA, aka Impact Wrestling, especially as a member of the LAX tag team with Homicide during the 2000s. However, as "Super Mex" explained in a recent interview with WrestlingNewsCo, he almost had a main event run as a singles star. Still, it never materialized as Vince Russo wanted to go in a different direction.

According to Hernandez, there were conversations about him winning the TNA World Title between 2009 and 2010. However, backstage politics and opposing creative visions got in the way of those plans becoming a reality.

"I was being mentored by Jim Cornette at the time. Jim Cornette, and Vince Russo, and Dixie Carter had a little disagreement about doing the creative, the way things go. And Jim was mentoring me, and Jim quits/gets fired. Everything Jim was associated with went downhill... All of Jim's projects went out the door just because they were Jim's projects."

Hernandez revealed that both Cornette and Carter pushed hard for him behind the scenes. However, Russo reportedly wanted to put the company's top title on former WWE guys, and the rest is history. That said, Hernandez isn't upset at how things panned out, noting that his run in TNA allowed him to pay for his cars and house.

The former LAX member wasn't the only person to have their push curtailed, either. During the interview, Hernandez said that Matt Morgan was another Cornette project that fell by the wayside following his departure from TNA.

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