WWE's GUNTHER Explains Differences Between Wrestling Chad Gable And The Miz

GUNTHER is currently riding high as the most dominant Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. During his run, he's faced various opponents, all of whom have unique styles. Now that he's scheduled to defend the gold against The Miz, GUNTHER took a moment to reflect on some of his opponents while speaking to "The Masked Man Show."

"Even though I think there's a certain style for my matches, I like the match-ups that are like the biggest mix-up, if that makes sense. If you look just at the wrestling aspect of it, for example, obviously somebody like Chad Gable is the best opponent for me because those kinds of guys, — same with Riddle or even years ago, Tim Thatcher, Zack Sabre Jr. — those were always guys I loved to wrestle because they are those naturally gifted grapplers... It just goes very well with my style."

That said, GUNTHER said the matches that seemingly don't mesh with his style on paper are just as interesting to him. He cited Xavier Woods as an opponent he meshed well with despite their vastly different in-ring styles. Similarly, The Miz is an opponent who might seem odd in theory, but GUNTHER is keen to see how it turns out when they do lock up.

"It's a challenge for me... He's a completely different kind of wrestler," GUNTHER explained. According to the "Ring General," he's a performer who built his foundation outside of WWE, while Miz is someone who came through the company's development system. However, the Intercontinental Champion is intrigued by how their styles will clash when they fight for the gold at WWE Survivor Series.

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