WWE NXT Results 11/21 - Heritage Cup Match, NXT Women's Title On The Line & More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on November 21, 2023, coming to you from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

Lyra Valkyria will be defending the "NXT" Women's Championship for the first time on television as she goes one-on-one with Xia Li. Li has been vying for a title shot for a number of weeks now, and the two came face-to-face last week when Li hosted a Warrior's Tea Ceremony for Valkyria.

Two weeks ago, Noam Dar successfully retained his "NXT" Heritage Cup over Akira Tozawa with some help from his Meta-Four teammates. Then last week, Dar invited Tozawa and the rest of Alpha Academy onto "Supernova Sessions", and a verbal exchange led to Chad Gable challenging Dar for his Cup. Tonight, just that will come to fruition as the two face off with the Cup on the line.

Trick Williams, Dijak, Tiffany Stratton, and Lash Legend have all qualified for the Men's and Women's Iron Survivor Challenges. Tonight, the next two entrants for the "NXT" Deadline matches will be determined as Carmelo Hayes collides with Josh Briggs, and Blair Davenport squares off with Thea Hail.

Additionally, Edris Enofé and Malik Blade will be squaring off with Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza. Eddy Thorpe also looks to pick up a win as he takes on Charlie Dempsey.

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Meta-Four and Alpha Academy are waiting in the ring.

Noam Dar (w/ Meta-Four) (c) vs. Chad Gable (w/ Alpha Academy) for the NXT Heritage Cup

Round one kicks off, and the pair lock up. They go back and forth, taking turns locking one another in holds. Gable cinches in an Ankle Lock, but Dar quickly escapes.

Round One: Dar 0-0 Gable

Round two begins, and Dar slaps Gable. Gable shoves him to the mat and hits a suplex, but Dar executes a series of kicks. While the referee is distracted, Mensah lands a kick on Gable from the outside, opening the door for Dar to hit the Nova Roller to score a fall.

Round Two: Dar 1-0 Gable

Back from the break, round three is coming to an end as Gable and Dar teeter on the top rope. Gable hits a superplex and looks for a fall, but Dar reverses it. Gable kicks out.

Round Three: Dar 1-0 Gable

Round four begins, and the two men exchange strikes with one another. Gable delivers a suplex and ascends to the top, then connects with a diving headbutt. The action spills to the outside and the referee begins a ten count, but both men get back in the ring before it can be completed. Dar hits an elbow and a knee strike, and the pair exchange right hands as the round comes to a close.

Round Four: Dar 1-0 Gable

As round five kicks off, Gable wastes no time and lands a kick. He follows it up with a German suplex to score a fall.

Round Five: Dar 1-1 Gable

After the round, Dar takes a cheap shot at Gable while the referee is distracted. Round six then officially kicks off, and Dar lands an elbow in the corner. He hits a suplex and a sliding clothesline, then goes for a pin. Gable kicks out and connects with a Brainbuster, then ascends to the top and looks for a diving headbutt. Dar catches him in a Triangle, but Gable powers through and lands a powerbomb. He goes for a pin, but Dar kicks out. Dar then lands a back elbow and a kick, but Gable reverses it into an Ankle Lock. Dar escapes and rolls Gable up, but Gable kicks out and hits a DDT. He drags Dar over to the corner and ascends to the top, then looks for a moonsault. Dar looks to get his feet up, but Gable catches them and cinches in an Ankle Lock. The round comes to an end just before Dar taps out. Per the referee's declaration, Dar retains as the score was a tie and the holder retains in the event of such.

Round Six: Dar 1-1 Gable

Winner (and still): Noam Dar

After the match, Otis and Mensah get into a shoving match. Otis shoves Mensah out of the ring before Maxxine Dupri slaps Lash Legend. Otis catches her, but she quickly retreats to the outside to join her Meta-Four teammates.

Back from the break, we head over to The Family having dinner at a restaurant. Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and Tony D'Angelo both say they tried helping Chase U out, but Andre Chase kept digging himself deeper and deeper. Stacks asks D'Angelo how bad it is, and D'Angelo says it was bad enough. D'Angelo and Stacks then meet the rest of their family to celebrate regaining the "NXT" Tag Team Championship.

We then head over to Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. Williams asks Hayes if he's alright, and Hayes says he's locked in. He offers to be ringside for Hayes, and Hayes says while he appreciates the offer, he has to face Josh Briggs alone.

Back at ringside, Lyra Valkyria heads down to the ring but Xia Li blindsides her on the ramp. Officials run down to check on Valkyria. 

Back from the break, Valkyria is being checked on backstage as Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, Edris Enofé and Malik Blade wait in the ring. 

Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza vs. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade

Carrillo and Enofé begin the action. The bell rings and Enofé looks to land a kick. Carrillo avoids it, and Blade tags in. Blade lands a dropkick and a crossbody out of the corner, but Garza becomes legal and delivers a knee that rocks Blade while Carrillo holds him in place on the apron. Garza then delivers a chop on the outside and gets him back in the ring, then hits a bodyslam and tags Carrillo back in. Carrillo and Garza double team on Blade before Carrillo delivers a dropkick to his face and follows it up with a clothesline in the corner. Garza tags back in and fires off stomps on Blade with Carrillo, then catches him with a right hand.

Enofé and Carrillo tag in, and Enofé catches Carrillo with a dropkick. Carrillo hits a powerbomb on him, then tags Garza back in. Carrillo tosses Enofé over to Garza, and Garza catches him with a kick mid-air for the win.

Winners: Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza

Carmelo Hayes then makes his way down to the ring. Josh Briggs follows. 

Josh Briggs vs. Carmelo Hayes in a Men's Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifier Match

The bell rings and the two lock up. Hayes fires off right hands, but Briggs takes him down with a knee to his midsection. Hayes responds with a dropkick that sends Briggs crashing out of the ring, then joins him and fires off strikes. Briggs hits a boot across Hayes' head and dumps him back in the ring, but Hayes catches him with a kick as he looks to join him and lands Fade Away. He delivers a splash to the outside from the top rope, then fires off right hands and looks for a crossbody off the barricade. He gets Briggs back in and runs the ropes, but Briggs flattens him with a shoulder tackle. Hayes low bridges him out of the ring and follows him, but Briggs gets him up on his shoulder. Hayes escapes, but Briggs manages to dump him over the announce desk.

Back from the break, Briggs lands a back elbow on Hayes in the corner and follows it up with a big boot. He delivers a Sidewalk Slam before Hayes fires off right hands on him. He then delivers several chops to Briggs, but Briggs plants him spine first and delivers a splash. Hayes delivers a springboard clothesline to Briggs, then lands a few right hands and hits a hurricanrana. He connects with a boot on his jaw and a scissor kick, but Briggs catches him with a chokeslam and a big boot. Hayes connects with a Codebreaker and ascends to the top, but Lexis King runs down to the ring and hops up on the apron. Hayes levels him with a kick to his head, but turns around into a variation of a clothesline and a moonsault from Briggs for the win.

Winner: Josh Briggs

We then head backstage to McKenzie Mitchell catching up with Lyra Valkyria. Mitchell asks Valkyria if her "NXT" Women's Championship defense against Xia Li will go on as planned, and Valkyria adamantly insists that it will.

Back from the break, we see Mr. Stone welcomes Von Wagner over to his house for dinner with his family. Wagner gives him brownies and greets Stone's wife and children. The five of them then have dinner and chat amongst themselves.

Back at ringside, Wes Lee heads down. 

Wes Lee Comes Face To Face With Dominik Mysterio

Lee says fans know him by now, and know that he's in the ring because of Dominik Msyteiro. He says Dominik holds the North American Championship, and he feels like losing the title to him was the catalyst for Judgment Day capturing all the gold. He says he sees red when he thinks about Dominik, and while people win and lose titles all the time, he felt like he found himself when he held the title. He says he felt accepted, and because of that, he needs another title shot at "NXT" Deadline.

Dominik Mysterio's music hits and he makes his way down the ramp. He says the one thing Lee does better than anyone is make fans feel sorry for him, and asks Lee why he deserves another title. Lee tells him that the only reason he still holds the North American Championship is because the rest of Judgment Day helps him at every turn, and Dominik asks Lee if he wants his title back. Lee says he does, and Dominik tells him that if he wants another shot, he has to face three former North American Champions next week. He says he will only get his shot if he does, but if he doesn't, then it's his last shot. Lee accepts his terms. 

We head backstage and see Thea Hail panicking about the whereabouts of Andre Chase as Jacy Jayne listens. Jayne says he and Duke Hudson aren't present for a good reason, and gives her some words of encouragement. 

Back at ringside, Blair Davenport heads down. Hail and Jayne follow. 

Blair Davenport vs. Thea Hail (w/ Jacy Jayne) in a Women's Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifier Match

The bell rings and the two lock up. Davenport catches Hail with a boot as she charges at her, then delivers a stomp to her arm and whips her into the corner repeatedly. She then begins wearing Hail's arm down with a submission hold, but Hail escapes with an arm drag out of the corner. Davenport continues to wear down her arm with a Fujiwara Armbar, but Hail counters into a roll up. Davenport is forced to kick out and release the hold, then gets in Jayne's face on the outside. Hail levels her with a tope suicida and a Fallaway Slam, then gets her back inside the ring and delivers a senton. She looks for a second one off the ropes, but Davenport gets her knees up. She then rocks Hail with a knee to her face for the win.

Winner: Blair Davenport

Back from the break, we head over to a video following Ilja Dragunov and Baron Corbin as they prepare for their "NXT" Deadline match.

Back at ringside, Charlie Dempsey, Drew Gulak, and Myles Borne make their way down to the ring. Eddy Thorpe follows.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Charlie Dempsey (w/ Drew Gulak and Myles Borne)

The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth locking one another in submission holds before Dempsey lands an uppercut and a strike across Thorpe's spine. Dempsey then lands a double underhook suplex, but Thorpe delivers an uppercut of his own. Dempsey locks in an Abdominal Stretch and transitions into a different hold, but Thorpe escapes and delivers a hip toss. He delivers a boot to Dempsey's midsection, then follows it up with an enzuigiri and a boot to his face. Dempsey locks in an Abdominal Stretch once again, but Thorpe manages to counter into a roll up for the win.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe

After the match, Dempsey, Gulak, and Borne continue to beat down Thorpe.

We head over to a video of Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza attacking Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo as they leave the restaurant they had dinner with the rest of their family at.

Back from the break, Xia Li heads down. Lyra Valkyria follows.

Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Xia Li for the NXT Women's Championship

The bell rings and the two waste no time. Valkyria fires off knee strikes on Li, but Li sends her crashing into the mat and delivers a boot. Valkyria responds with a springboard crossbody and an arm drag, then delivers a dropkick and a second one through the middle rope. She dumps Li back in the ring and ascends to the top, but Li pulls her down.

Back from the break, Valkyria fires off right hands on Li's section to escape a hold Li has locked in on her. Li connects with a neckbreaker and locks in a crossface, but Valkyria escapes and delivers a dropkick to her knee. She follows it up with a series of kicks across her chest, but Li catches her with a roundhouse kick and locks in a crossface. Valkyria escapes once again and executes a backslide. Li kicks out and gets Valkyria up on her shoulders, then delivers an Airplane Spin and looks for a vertical suplex. Valkyria escapes and delivers a German suplex.

The pair go back and forth with forearms on one another before Li delivers a jumping knee. Valkyria responds with an enzuigiri and a spinning back heel kick, then gets Li up on her shoulders and lands a modified Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner (and still): Lyra Valkyria