Lex Luger Explains Why He Thinks Cody Rhodes Is A 'Generational Star'

Lex Luger has lavished high praise upon Cody Rhodes, referring to "The American Nightmare" as a "generational star" on the latest episode of his "Lex Expressed" podcast. Luger made the comments reacting to reports of Rhodes topping all WWE superstars in merchandise sales for 2023, while also suggesting that Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns II at WrestleMania 40 seems all but inevitable at this point.


"I'm a huge Cody Rhodes fan," Luger said. "He has a sense of history in the business from his upbringing, with his family being [a] multigenerational wrestler. He respects it, and just the way he carries himself, he's just got that modern-day term ... he's got the rizz. He's got it. He's got the confidence and charisma." 

Reflecting on his career, Luger admitted that despite being limited with his in-ring repertoire, he had the confidence and swagger to carry himself as a top guy, traits that he sees in Rhodes. "I think that comes across to the fans," Luger said of Rhodes' confidence.

"If they buy into it, that's what kinda makes you a generational star. Cody's got that," Luger continued. "He's got that riz, man. Everything from the gear he wears, to the time and effort he puts into it. I love when guys like Macho [Randy Savage] and Sting did that ... Cody reminds me of those certain guys who just put all that together." 


Luger feels that even if Rhodes doesn't "finish the story" at WrestleMania, he "will be alright" due to the star power he exudes on a nightly basis. "If he wins the rematch, great. He's becoming one of those generational stars, I don't think there's gonna be any stopping Cody."