WWE HOFer Booker T Reveals Who Came Up With Idea For Popular King Booker Gimmick

Vince McMahon might have shown his creative ability with a lot of characters, but Booker T recently revealed McMahon had nothing to do with his popular King Booker gimmick. Instead, it was former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz whom Booker credited for being involved in creating it.


"He had a lot to do with it," Booker said on "The Kurt Angle Show." "He wrote a lot of good stuff for me and I could change it, of course, I had liberty to change it. But, King Booker was a very, very interesting time in my career. It was the hottest I think I could've ever got doing a gimmick." While Gewirtz is best known for writing a lot of The Rock's funniest promos, he also played a big part in a variety of popular characters from that period such as King Booker. He also worked closely with the likes of Kurt Angle, as well as Edge and Christian to help develop strong personalities. Booker won the King of the Ring tournament in 2006 to kickstart the change. He admitted the character could have been an asterisk on his career if he had been seen as a fool, but instead, he wound up becoming World Champion, largely because he wouldn't forsake his in-ring work.


"I was determined to make King Booker so memorable that nobody would ever be able to do the King of the Ring tournament ever again, and I think I've done that," he said. "I don't think anybody that has become King after me, it didn't work, it just couldn't work because those were really big shoes to fill no one is ever going to be able to do that King of the Ring ever again."

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