Bully Ray Explains Why Jade Cargill Should Win WWE Women's Royal Rumble

Jade Cargill hasn't made her WWE in-ring debut yet, but her name is already on everyone's minds heading into the Royal Rumble in January. Speaking on an episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray said the former AEW star winning the Rumble would be easy to book, noting that she's already been built up by the company to be a big deal, so the excitement to see her finally step in the ring is there.


"Right now, she has not been seen as much on TV because you can't just keep showing somebody... and doing nothing with it because then you get tired of seeing them doing absolutely nothing," Bully Ray said. "Closer to the Royal Rumble, maybe she pops up. Maybe she pops up, and then you bring her in, in the Rumble. Give me a logical reason in the world of sports entertainment why Jade Cargill could not debut at the Royal Rumble and win."

Ray's co-host Tommy Dreamer said he would go one step further and have her wrestle her first singles match at WWE WrestleMania 40, after winning the Rumble. Both men agreed that it would be a unique situation for a top star. Furthermore, Ray said if he was booking the Royal Rumble match, he would sit down with the other 29 other women involved and let them know it's Cargill's time.


"Because at the end of the day, it's those 29 other women that are going to get Jade Cargill over," he said. "Jade Cargill can go out there, and she can look like a million dollars and have the presence and everything, but it's going to be up to those other women to make her look like the star we need her to look like tonight if we're going to put her over."

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