AEW Collision Results 11/25 - Adam Copeland To Speak, Continental Classic Tournament Continues

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the November 25 episode of "AEW Collison." This week's episode comes from the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

The AEW Continental Classic tournament continues tonight with Eddie Kingston versus Brody King and Claudio Castagnoli versus Daniel Garcia. Also, Adam Copeland will be speaking to the crowd possibly what happened on last week's episode of "AEW Dynamite." Former AEW Tag Team Champions FTR will face The Righteous, while the current AEW Tag Team Champions Ricky Starks and Big Bill will be interviewed by Tony Schiavone.


Keith Lee is going to be in singles action against Lee Moriarty. King also won't be the only, House of Black member in action tonight — Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews are going against Komander and Gravity.

The show kicks off with the announcers talking about the Continental Classic Tournament. It's the Blue League's turn. Castagonoli vs. Garcia is tonight's first match.

Continental Classic Match: Daniel Garcia Vs.Claudio Castagonoli

The match starts with a lockup. Pickup, then backbreaker to Garcia. He goes for the pin. Garcia kicks Castagonli in the face. He puts him in the guillotine then Castagonli breaks it with a bodyslam. Chops to Castagonli, then Castagonli turns it around. Garcia is in the corner of the ring. Castagonli teases Garcia, he then goes crazy but gets knocked down.


Garcia kicks Castagonli off the ring apron. The crowd cheers after he does his little dance. Garcia throws Castagonli into the barrier then runs up and kicks him. The second time, he gets caught and Castagonli hits the big swing.

Commercial break.

Back from the break, they are in the ring now. Garcia slaps Castagonli in the face. He goes for the guillotine again, and Castagonli tries to break it. He does after hitting Garcia in the corner for the ring. Roll-up, Garcia gets a two count. He then goes for the ankle lock. A big lariat to Garcia. Castagonli gets a two-count. Elbows to Garcia's neck. A roll-up by Garcia only gets a two-count. Garcia was going to try the sharpshooter, but Castagonli does it instead. Garcia gets out and gets another two-count. Castagnoli hits his finisher —- the Ricola Bomb for the win.


Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Post-match, the new ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta comes out to celebrate with his fellow Blackpool Combat Club member.

Backstage with Kingston. He explains why this tournament is important to him.

Killswitch In Action, Adam Copeland Speaks

Killswitch comes out and he has a match against The Boys. He just "murders" them with chokeslams and tossing them around. He wins the match with a massive lariat.

Winner: Killswitch

Post-match, Killswitch chokeslams one of the Boys on the chair. He grabs them both now — Adam Copeland's music plays. He comes from behind with a chair. He smashes the chair into the back of Killswitch repeatedly. The crowd is going wild. He uses a bar from the chair to choke out Killswitch. He hits the ConChairTo to Killswitch. Copeland poses for the crowd, Killswitch is waking up, and a stomp into the chair. Another ConchairTo to him.


It's commercial break time.

Back from the break, they share what happened to Killswitch. Lexy Nair is backstage, and Copeland tells her to go. He said that everything he has done so far is because of Christian Cage's ego. He brings up when Cage said that he was going to break his neck and that's what set him off. He says that now he is hunting Cage and he already has two heads. He says that he's going to take Cage's TNT Title. He challenges him for a match on December 6 for the title on Dynamite.

Komander and Gravity Vs. House of Black

The match starts off with Gravity and Matthews. Matthews has him in the headlock. A leg sweep. German suplex to Matthews. Black tags in, an elbow. Black kicks him in the face, and then Komander hits a hurricanrana to Black.


Back from the break, it's Matthews and Komander in the ring. Komander lands on his feet ruining Matthews and Black's move together. Shotgun dropkick. Komander is on the top rope.

Gravity goes to fly, but gets caught. Komander walks the ropes and flies on top of both Black and Matthews. He bounced from one rope to another and did a springboard. Double knee lifts to Komander and Gravity.

Black is sitting in the middle of the ring, Komander crawls towards him, then Matthews catches him with a stomp to the head for the win.

Winners: House of Black

Darius Martin and Action Andretti were supposed to talk backstage but it cut to a commercial break while they started to speak. Not sure if it was my TV.

Back from the break, they don't say anything about the backstage segment. Next up Julia Hart is in action against Lady Frost.


TBS Championship Match: Julia Hart (c) Vs. Lady Frost

The match starts with a lockup. Chomps to Hart, but she blocks it. A kick between Frost's shoulder blades. Frost comes back up and mocks Hart. Combination offense with a series of kicks and blows.

Hart is outside of the ring. She trips her off the ring apron. She repeatedly throws her into the barrier and the edge of the ring. She tosses Frost in the ringpost. Hart grabs the chair, the ref tells her you can't use a chair. She unfolds it. Frost tries to moonsault, but fails and gets hit with a thrust kick.


A clothesline to Frost, Hart tosses her back into the ring. She goes for the cover and gets a two-count. Kicks to Hart, but she's in a lot of pain. A lariat to Frost and then a submission hold with the heartless for the win.

Winner: Julia Hart

Backstage with Don Callis and "Powerhouse" Hobbs. He is upset about Omega and Jericho having a tag team title match.

FTR Vs. The Righteous

Vincent and Cash Wheeler start off the match. Vincent goes for the taped ribs of Wheeler. Wheeler and Harwood double-team on Vincent. The back elbow to Harwood. Dutch tags in and drives Harwood into the corner of the ring. Harwood goes for the springboard but gets caught. He starts to bite Dutch's face. A lariat and now Dutch is outside of the ring.


Commercial break.

Vincent has Harwood in a headlock. The announcers speak about how Martin's promo got cut off. Harwood goes for a sunset flip, but Vincent tags in Dutch. Dutch hits an Irish whip and then powerbombs him. Dutch is on the top rope, but he misses with the sentai. Dutch tags in Vincent, A waistlock, then a baseball slide for Wheeler to finally get tagged in. He hits both Vincent and Dutch.

Vincent tags in Dutch, Wheeler wasn't aware. The big side slam with a two-count. A dropkick, a reversal, and then FTR hit the shattered machine.

Winners: FTR

Post-match, Black is back and he tells FTR that nobody will save them, he name-drops CM Punk. The lights go out. Black laughs, but nothing happens. FTR's music plays. Harwood gives the thumbs up.


The AEW Champions Talk, Keith Lee In Action

Back from the break, Dante Martin is back. It was the segment that was supposed to air earlier. After that, they show what happened to Chris Jericho by both Starks and Bill after the Full Gear media scrum.


Schiavone is in the ring, it's interview time with Starks and Bill. They are asked about the beating of Jericho. Starks calls Jericho a vampire, while Bill calls the Golden Jets, the Golden Girls. Bill talks about how he always knew he was going to make it back to the top after he was dealing with alcoholism. He says that he made it back to the top with the titles.

Video package airs of last week's winners from the tournament.

Up next is Lee vs. Moriarity. Lee pounces on Moriarity after he kicked him in the head. Back from the break, a few wild swings and misses. The armbar to Lee, but he's not moving. He does a bicep curl. He doesn't give up the hold. A right arm clothesline. Moriarity is on the top rope, he flies, and goes for the pin, but only gets a two-count. Kicks, but Lee grabs his boot. Lee gets kicked in the armpit. A power slam for the win.


Winner: Keith Lee

It's main event time! The match starts off with a lockup. The ref breaks it. Kingston has him in a headlock, King breaks it out of it.

Main Event: Brody King Vs. Eddie Kingston

Both men chop each other back and forth. A sledgehammer blows into the shoulder blades, and then King hits a cannonball. The ref counts up to five before Kingston can get back in the ring, but as he nearly gets in, King kicks him. He falls off and King chops him. He steps on him. Kingston gets some offense after he trips King into the steel steps. He's not down for long. A huge crossbody to Kingston. The ref is telling King to get back into the ring. They are finally in the ring before the ref counts to 9. Bodyslams Kingston then a big senton. Commercial break.


Back from the break, a big superplex to Kingston, who cries out in pain. King looks like his shoulder hurts a bit from the move. He gets up, goes to Kingston, and gives him some more chops. Kingston collapses in the ring. He though gets some energy and hits a big clothesline that knocks King off his feet.

It's now Kingston's turn to give out chops. He goes for the exploder, but instead a German suplex. Kingston hits a spinning back fist, getting a two-count. The ref is counting, he's up to 6, now 7, 8, and both men get up. They exchange some chops again. Kingston takes down his straps and tells King to chop him. Kingston hits enzuigiris and a DDT gets almost a three-count.

Kingston tries to lift up King, but can't at first, but then gets the exploder, and the backdrop driver. They are giving it their all. King hits a piledriver. A big kick, then a Dantes Inferno for the win.


Winner: Brody King