AEW Dynamite Results 11/29: Christian Cage Responds To Copeland, Continental Classic Continues

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for November 29, 2023!

The Continental Classic tournament will be continuing this evening, which will take up the bulk of the show. Mark Briscoe and RUSH were both on the receiving end of defeats in the opening week of the tournament, placing pressure on them to get some points on the board tonight. Jay Lethal was also defeated and has no points, and he will compete against Blackpool Combat Club's Jon Moxley. 

Swerve Strickland and Jay White both secured three points last week with impressive victories, but tonight they will be colliding in singles action as they try to create a gap between them in the table. Blue league competitor Bryan Danielson is also set to be on commentary this evening for the Continental Classic as he prepares to face Eddie Kingston this weekend.

Meanwhile, the issues between Christian Cage and Adam Copeland will continue to boil over this evening. Copeland has challenged Cage to a match for the TNT Championship next week in Montreal, and this evening The Patriarch is set to give his official answer.

The TBS Championship is also going to be on the line in a House Rules match as Julia Hart looks to kickstart her reign as champion in impressive fashion as she competes against Emi Sakura in singles action. 

After accepting Samoa Joe's challenge for an AEW World Championship match at AEW's World's End, MJF is expected to be on the show despite his current injury problems, as he has promised to, "restore the feeling" amongst fans. 

Jon Moxley vs. Jay Lethal (Continental Classic Match)

Jay Lethal and Jon Moxley start with several side headlock takeovers as they then break down into a back-and-forth of forearm strikes. Lethal locks in the Figure Four Leglock, but they roll out to the floor and then begin brawling. Lethal pushes Moxley into the ring apron and then hits a suicide dive, but as he goes again Moxley avoids it and then responds with one of his own.

Back inside the ring, Lethal puts a focus on Moxley's knee as he then looks for Lethal Injection but it gets caught. Lethal immediately drops Moxley down onto his knee several times and follows it up with an Elbow Drop, but Moxley kicks out. Lethal sends Moxley over the barricade and into the fans, and then begins slamming down Moxley's knee onto the ring apron to keep the attack up.

Moxley manages to hit a cutter to turn things around, but his knee doesn't allow him to keep up the attack. Lethal drives Moxley toward the top turnbuckle and then hits a dragon screw, sending Moxley crashing to the mat. Moxley responds with some big elbow strikes and the two then go back and forth as Lethal Combination gets hit which gains him another near fall. 

Moxley manages to goad his opponent in though, allowing Lethal to go headfirst into the turnbuckles. Lethal and Moxley then go through some transitions, but it ends with a Figure Four Leglock being put on Moxley, but he gets to the ropes. Lethal aims for Lethal Injection, but Moxley drops down and pretends to be hurt before he can deliver it. He then pops up to deliver a Paradigm Shift, a King Kong Lariat, and a piledriver...but Lethal kicks out! However, Moxley then immediately locks the Bulldog Choke and gains a submission win. 

Winner: Jon Moxley

Tony Schiavone is backstage to reveal that the Greensboro Coliseum will be the location of Sting's final match. Sting and Ric Flair join him as he says he'd never have guessed he'd be here having this interview back when he faced Flair in that building. Ric says words cannot be spoken about what is about to take place in Greensboro as he claims Sting made himself.

Mark Briscoe vs. RUSH (Continental Classic Match)

RUSH and Mark Briscoe immediately charge at each other and just slug it out in the middle of the ring with forearm strikes and chops. RUSH stomps down Briscoe in the corner and follows it with a sharp kick to the spine and more kicks to the chest. The brawl then heads to the outside as RUSH launches Briscoe into the barricade repeatedly, but Briscoe fights back and then launches himself off the ring apron with an Elbow Drop to the floor with a nod to Cactus Jack.

The two men continue the fight inside the ring as RUSH hits a German suplex only for Briscoe to respond with a big lariat as both men are down. The official wants RUSH to be checked by the doctor, but Briscoe immediately takes the fight to him. RUSH tries to charge into Briscoe but his leg gives up on him which allows Briscoe to take him down and hit several standing elbow drops. 

RUSH responds with a submission to slow the pace, but Briscoe gets the ropes. The two of them then unload strikes on each other once again with Briscoe then nailing an exploder suplex. But as he charges toward him, RUSH uses his momentum and throws Briscoe into the turnbuckles, but once again going for the Bulls Horn doesn't work for him as Briscoe intercepts and connects with a neckbreaker. 

Once again they keep brawling on the apron, but Briscoe overcommits and RUSH suplexes him from the apron to the floor. Back inside the ring, Briscoe is able to connect with Froggy Bow, but RUSH kicks out as RUSH reverses the J-Driller. He throws Briscoe into the corner again and this time he hits the Bulls Horn.

Winner: RUSH

Let's Hear From MJF

MJF says he doesn't like Samoa Joe as a person, but professionally he respects him, and what he's done for his industry, and he came here not to line his pockets but that he believes in AEW. He recalls watching TNA, and he got to see Samoa Joe for the first time, and people knew he was the baddest man on Earth. 

MJF says Joe's talents weren't recognized and he didn't get a chance to be a World Champion in WWE. But he broke the mold and proved you don't need to be a bodybuilder and showed that alternatives matter. MJF says he's not too shabby himself, he proved to be a new alternative, he has been here since day one and helped build this place brick by brick. He names people he's had to face, but the one name he feels lucky to have survived was Joe. 

He calls Joe a wrestling legend, but December 30th isn't about his legacy, it's about MJF's. Can he outlast the final boss one more time? He promises that it doesn't matter if his knee slides in and out or his shoulder is hanging on by a thread, he will prove it's not about the size of the dog in the fight, and Joe will have to put him down. He then snaps his cane. 

The lights then go out and come back on flashing inside the ring as masked figures appear with devil mask t-shirts. However, Joe appears and makes the save before they can do any damage. A question then flashes up asking Max if he's a hero, and if he will face the unknown in a tag team match. MJF says he is not dealing with the devil's crap when he's got Joe breathing down his neck. He says he will unmask him. MJF then accepts the challenge for a tag team match.

The Hardy Boys & Brother Zay vs. Top Flight & Action Andretti

Wardlow vs. AR Fox

Wardlow immediately gets hit with a big boot by AR Fox who then dives outside the ring to attack him. He then tries to flip off the turnbuckles but instead gets caught and slammed onto the ring apron. He then throws Fox into the ring and the bell rings. Wardlow launches Fox across the ring. He tries to charge into Fox but he moves and Wardlow hits the turnbuckle Fox then nails a 450 Splash, but Wardlow kicks out immediately. 

Fox connects with a few kicks to the face, but Wardlow brushes them off and nails a Powerbomb. He follows it with a Senton from the top turnbuckle and then another Powerbomb and the official calls the end of the match. 

Winner: Wardlow

The Hardys start the match in control against Action Andretti, but Brother Zay and Darius Martin then come in with Zay taking him out with a shoulder tackle. Dante Martin then tags in and quickly takes control for his team as Andretti drops down with a stomp onto Zay's arm, but Matt Hardy takes a cheap shot and that allows his team to regain control. Jeff plants Andretti to the mat with Matt coming in to hit Andretti with a huge slap and then his Delete shots in the corner. He connects with a Side Effect, but Andretti manages to kick out. 

Andretti escapes a Twist of Fate and connects with a combination of strikes as Dante tags in again. He showcases his pace and nails a springboard, as Dante then comes in to snap Matt to the mat. Brother Zay then takes down Dante, but Jeff knocks Darius off the apron as Zay leapfrogs from Jeff's back to send Andretti out as well. The Hardys then hold up Dante as Zay hits a springboard dropkick, but he kicks out.

Dante responds with a knee to the head of Zay while Andretti and Darius attack The Hardys. Dante then plants Zay down to the mat and picks up the pinfall!

Winners: Top Flight & Action Andretti

Julia Hart (c) vs. Emi Sakura (TBS Championship Match)

Julia Hart takes the attack to Emi Sakura early, taking the fight to her before hitting a lariat as she charges into Sakura once again. The champion then connects with a kick while Sakura is on the ropes, but the challenger turns things around by launching Hart into the steel stairs as she then hits a running crossbody that slams her into the stairs even more. 

Sakura continues the punishment inside the ring as she slows down the pace, stomping away on her in the corner. Hart responds with a back elbow, but Sakura just slaps the House Of Black star which sends her down to the mat. Sakura then lifts Hart up and delays into a backbreaker as she then taunts Hart before lifting her again, only to be caught in a sleeper hold. 

Hart brings Sakura down to the mat, but she reverses into a surfboard submission as she then pushes her into the air to drop Hart back down. The challenger heads for a Moonsault but Hart avoids it and then locks in the Heartless. Sakura submits but the House Rules choice was that submissions aren't allowed, so she follows it with a lariat to the back of Sakura's head. She then scales up and goes for the Moonsault, and unlike her opponent, she connects.

Winner (and still champion): Julia Hart

Mariah May is shown backstage as she says she's dying to show AEW what she can do. She then heads into Tony Khan's room.

Christian Cage Answers Adam Copeland

Christian Cage heads to the ring with several security members inside the ring to protect him. He calls out Adam Copeland who eventually heads out as Cage claims management wanted him to have the security, but he doesn't think they need them and he asks them to vacate the ring. Cage says they're not going to make it to Montreal because he is sorry.

Cage says everyone is thinking he's only sorry because he's on an island by himself. He was so mad at what Copeland did to Killswitch he got out of his home and started driving, and during that trip it became about reflection and soul searching. He reflects on their friendship and how they became the best tag team that ever lived, multi-time World Champions. Cage points out that Copeland didn't have a father figure growing up, and he claims he was a brother to him and his own father brought him in instead. 

Cage says he loves Copeland, and they're family. He says it was the hardest time of Copeland's life when his mother passed and she told them that she'd like to see them to team one mroe time, and Cage says they should do that for her. However, Cage then goes to hit Copeland with his TNT title, but Copeland sees it coming and he nails a low blow. Copeland tells Cage to sleep with the title and shine it up, because next week it's coming home with him. 

Copeland says he almost forgot something..."Go f*** yourself."

Jay White vs. Swerve Strickland (Continental Classic Match)

Jay White sends Swerve Strickland out of the ring to start as he brawls with his opponent, only for Strickland to reverse and launch White into the barricade. White responds with one of his own and then targets the injured shoulder of Strickland while connecting with some chops in the corner of the ring, but Strickland fights back with some of his own. Once again the match heads outside the ring, and Strickland dumps White onto the barricade and into the fans.

Strickland then runs and stomps onto the back of White, but as he tries to get back into the ring the Bullet Club Gold leader attacks him and DDT's Swerve to the mat. The match heads to the floor once again and Strickland hits a backbreaker and then a running boot to the face of White. As the match heads out of the rine once more White drops Strickland shoulder-first onto the ring apron and then into the stairs.

White slams Strickland down to the mat with his hair and that angers Strickland who slaps him, but White launches Strickland into the turnbuckles straight after. The two men then counter a series of moves until Strickland hits a flat liner and a vertical suplex, but he doesn't get the job done. White then plants Strickland onto his head before a German suplex, but Strickland immediately fires back with a discus lariat. 

They go back and forth with forearm strikes until White gets dropped, but as Swerve tries to get him White hits a chopblock and he then connects with an urinagi. Strickland rolls through a submission attempt and hits a kill shot to the arm of White. White then gets sent toward the official and that leads to him almost going for a low blow, but Strickland sees it coming and then nails a running kick to the head. Strickland hits Swerve Stomp, but White kicks out!

White then hits a Bladerunner, but Strickland rolls out of the ring to stop a pinfall. Back inside the ring, he looks to hit it again, but Strickland reverses with a pinfall attempt, catching White out. 

Winner: Swerve Strickland