Jake Roberts Shares Memories Of Former WWE Stars Tammy Sytch And Chris Candido

In early 1995, Tammy Sytch and her real-life boyfriend, Chris Candido, made waves on WWE TV as a couple of in-shape athletes poking fun at their opponents and fans for not sharing their good looks. They even added Tom Prichard (Zip) to their Bodydonnas stable and captured the WWE Tag Team Championship from The Godwinns at WrestleMania XII. Sadly, their fall came just as quickly as their rise, with Sunny becoming involved in commentary duties and other storylines to leave Candido — dealing with substance abuse issues — to become an enhancement talent before his departure for ECW in 1997. 


On the latest "Snake Pit" podcast, Jake Roberts reviewed the brief stint of The Bodydonnas and why Candido and Sytch had themselves to blame for the stable's demise. "Chris was a little too small, but he could have got over," Roberts said. "If he was around now, he'd be tearing it up."

Roberts also addressed rumors of Sytch having an affair with Shawn Michaels and cheating on her boyfriend prior to Candido's WWE departure. "I heard about all that s**t, man," Roberts recalled. "It was a three-way — there was Shawn and there was Bret [Hart] ... that's why they had so much heat. It's just crazy. Poor Chris, man. He had to hide in the bathroom while they did what they wanted to do. Imagine that." 


When asked if he ever saw Sytch fooling around with Hart or Michaels in the backstage area, Roberts provided a rather diplomatic answer. "No, I never seen it. I wasn't looking for it. I got better things to do than watch that silly s**t."

In 1997, Michaels infamously made the "Sunny days" remark while addressing Hart, insinuating on live television that his rival was having an affair with Sytch.