Why Chris Sabin Is Happy To Be TNA X Division Champion

Chris Sabin is currently in his record-setting 10th reign as the TNA X Division Champion. Sabin recently explained why he is "1000%" content with being the current titleholder — despite his Motor City Machine Gun tag team partner Alex Shelley currently holding the TNA World Championship. Sabin does have the opportunity to utilize "Option C" in the promotion, which means he could drop his X Division title and challenge Shelley for the gold.

"For a long time, I thought Alex Shelley deserved to be a world champion in some sort of major promotion, and I'm happy to see him finally accomplish that," Sabin said on the "Battleground" podcast. "And he's having a good run, and I want him to continue that. He's not just my partner, he's one of my best friends, so I want him to succeed. There's no reason for me to go after him. I'm happy being X Division Champion. I want him to enjoy his run on top."

Sabin mentioned that he wanted the X Division to "get back to the heights that it was at" in the past. The high-flying, fast-paced X Division was first introduced by Impact-TNA in the early 2000s, with the likes of AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, and Sabin himself all appearing in early bouts and winning the X Division belt. Sabin was asked how he wanted to leave his mark and contribute to the legacy of the X Division Championship during his current reign.

"I think I'm kind of doing that right now, just having the most title reigns of anyone," Sabin explained. "I think I have the most combined days as champion than anyone else. And really, I would like to hold the title for a long, long time. If I can have the longest single run as champion as well, hey, man, I might be considered the greatest X Division Champion of all time."

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