WWE's Dijak Reacts To Latest NXT Anonymous Footage

On last night's broadcast of "WWE NXT," a video from the "NXT" Anonymous account played, showing Carmelo Hayes making a phone call to someone after speaking with Trick Williams. That conversation was captured the same night Williams was mysteriously attacked. Dijak, who is set to participate in the men's Iron Survivor Challenge match along with Williams at Deadline this weekend, has commented on the release of the clip via social media. "Bro told Trick to take me out, but then realized that s**t wasn't happening so he took Trick's ass out instead lmaooo," Dijak wrote on X.

Lexis King has been claiming that he was the one who took out Williams, with the former "NXT" North American Champion suspecting that his former friend was behind the assault. Notably, King has been targeting Hayes in recent weeks. The son of the late Brian Pillman cost Hayes the men's Last Chance Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match last night, and now the pair look set to collide in a one-on-one bout at Deadline on Saturday.

After that qualifying bout, Williams confronted Hayes in a backstage segment. Hayes pleaded his innocence, but appeared to be rattled when Williams mentioned that his Deadline match would be closing the premium live event while the former "NXT" Champion would be opening it. Hayes' singles match against King has yet to be officially confirmed for this weekend's card as of this writing.