AEW Dynamite Results 12/6: Adam Copeland Challenges Christian Cage, Continental Classic Continues

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for December 6, 2023!

Tonight's show from Montreal will be headlined by two Canadians as Adam Copeland's rivalry against Christian Cage reaches the next level as they collide in singles action with the TNT Championship on the line. The "Rated-R Superstar" hasn't won a title since returning to wrestling, while this will be the first time the former partners have competed against each other in singles action for 13 years.

The Continental Classic will also be continuing tonight with three more Gold League matches taking place. Jay White will be facing Jay Lethal – who has yet to win a match in the tournament, while Jon Moxley collides against RUSH – in what promises to be a physical encounter. Mark Briscoe will also continue his search for his first win in the tournament when he faces Swerve Strickland. 

Moxley and Strickland are the current leaders of the Gold League and they are undefeated, which is a run they will each aim to continue with six points each as it stands.

MJF's search to try and unveil who is behind the devil mask will also continue this evening. Despite not being fully fit he will be teaming up with his AEW World's End opponent Samoa Joe as they compete against two of the devil's masked men in tag team action. 

Finally, Toni Storm will be putting her AEW Women's World Championship on the line as she competes against Skye Blue – who is still searching for her first title reign in AEW. 

Jon Moxley vs. RUSH (Continental Classic Match)

This one starts with both men trading chops until RUSH ends up hitting a belly-to-belly suplex, with Jon Moxley's arm getting trapped in the process. With the match spilling to the floor RUSH quickly dumps Moxley out toward the fans as the fight continues. Moxley then launches RUSH into the barricade as they brawl all around the fans until they get back into the ring. 

RUSH remains in control, stomping away on his opponent in the corner. However, RUSH then decides to lay and mock Moxley, which leads to the Blackpool Combat Club star flipping him the bird. RUSH continues to play games with his 'kick' into the audience, and he turns around straight into a cutter from Moxley. The two continue to brawl on the floor, but as Moxley charges into RUSH he gets sent flying into the barricade as his legs smash off the metal.

RUSH continues to push the official's rules to the maximum, pushing Moxley into the ring ropes as he then connects with a kick to the spine. Moxley reverses a clothesline attempt into a DDT to create some breathing space, but RUSH fires back with a Piledriver, which Moxley kicks out from. He follows that with a superplex, but Moxley kicks out once more. He then sends RUSH out of the ring and follows it with a dive to the outside.

Both men just beat the 10 count and once again begin trading forearm strikes with RUSH nailing a discus elbow. However, Moxley fires back by reversing Bulls Horns with a forearm of his own as he and RUSH continue to go back and forth. RUSH hits a headbutt, but once again his attempt to hit Bulls Horns is reversed with a King Kong Lariat and then the Deathrider. RUSH does kick out, but Moxley immediately locks in the Bulldog Choke and RUSH fades out. 

Winner: Jon Moxley

Renee Paquette welcomes Roderick Strong and The Kingdom to the stage. Strong says it is obvious that Max will put his dagger into the heart of his best friend by proxy, Samoa Joe. Strong says he's in the wheelchair because of the consqeunces of his decisions, but he will live with them until now. Strong then gets up and stands – saying he will no longer be held back by the wheelchair.

Swerve Strickland vs. Mark Briscoe (Continental Classic Match)

Adam Page is then shown backstage and he says he can concede when he has lost, and Swerve Strickland has beaten him. However, he says he took something from Strickland that he will never get back, and this isn't over. He knows what Strickland wants, and he will make sure he never has it. MJF then appears, but Page says he doesn't have 30 minutes to listen to him. MJF and Page then go back and forth about their history with MJF then claiming he thinks Page is the devil. Page says it's probably MJF behind the mask, and the two get tense but Samoa Joe splits them up.

Mark Briscoe tries to bring Swerve Strickland down to the mat to start the encounter, as he showcases a more technical style. However, he then picks things up with a big slap to the face as he boots Strickland before dropping several chops and a suplex. Strickland turns things around with a neckbreaker but that's not enough and Briscoe then dumps him out of the ring and hits a dropkick outside of the ropes to keep it up. They then exchange chops on the ring apron with Bricoe coming out on top of that exchange as he launches Strickland into the barricade.  

Strickland fires back with a suplex from the barricade to the floor and it allows him to regain control inside the ring. Briscoe tries to fight back, but he gets launched into the ring post after Strickland grabs the trunks. Briscoe kicks up to the arm of Strickland and follows it with some big chops and a running elbow strike to build some momentum. Briscoe connects with a Fisherman Buster, but Strickland kicks out. 

Strickland manages to roll into a Flatliner and then follows it with a roundhouse kick, but this time Briscoe kicks out and keeps himself in the tournament. They then head to the top rope and Strickland is sent to the floor as Briscoe launches himself into him. Back in the ring, Briscoe hits a big lariat, but Strickland kicks out again! Strickland reverses a J-Driller with House Calls, but then crashes and burns with his 450 attempts, and Briscoe almost catches him out with a roll-up. 

Briscoe tries to hit Froggy Bow, but this time it's Strickland's turn to get the knees up and he almost gets the win with a roll-up straight after. Strickland hits a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron, following it with the Swerve Stomp to win. 

Winner: Swerve Strickland (Briscoe is mathematically eliminated)

Mariah May says her meeting with Tony Khan went well and they planned her debut, and she will be studying tonight watching Toni Storm.

Samoa Joe & MJF vs. The Devil's Masked Men

Samoa Joe gets in the ring first and the lights begin to flash as the masked men surround the ring. The lights go out and the masked men are gone, but the devil appears on the titantron. He disappears and then MJF is shown backstage lying on the ground with a smashed bottle around his head.

Jon Moxley is then shown backstage and says he is humble before God and his mother. He knows what he is, he expected to be 3-0, and he expects to win the tournament because he's the ace of the world. Swerve Strickland then says it will take more than new kick pads to stop his momentum.

Toni Storm (c) vs. Skye Blue – AEW Women's World Championship Match

Toni Storm brings Skye Blue to the mat early on, and she then sends Blue across the ring. Blue responds by doing the same but that just angers Storm who attacks her opponent aggressively, but Blue uses a head scissors to send the champion outside the ring. She tries to dive out of the ring, but Storm cuts it off with a forearm strike. Luther then puts Storm on his shoulders and runs with her at the side of the ring as Storm throws Blue off the apron. 

Storm chops away at Blue repeatedly at ringside and then hits a Hip Attack against the barricade. Storm then winds up a punch which she delivers to a big pop, and while Blue tries to fight back it makes little impact as Storm whiplashes her off the ropes. Blue does respond though, hitting a running knee on the ropes, an elbow strike, and then a diving crossbody, but the champion kicks out. 

Storm turns things around with a German suplex but she misses with a hip attack which allows Blue to hit a thrust kick and then a hip attack of her own which she follows with a running boot slide. She connects with Code Blue, but the champion kicks out again. Storm delivers some headbutts to stop Blue in her tracks on the top rope, and she then hammers down with strikes to the back before delivering a superplex. 

Storm hits another hip attack, she tries for Storm Zero but Blue reverses with a roll-up only for Storm to counter with one of her own to retain. 

Winner (and still AEW Women's World Champion): Toni Storm

After the match, Riho makes her way to the ring and sends her reeling with a dropkick.

Jay White vs. Jay Lethal (Continental Classic Match)

The two men go back and forth early on until Jay Lethal takes Jay White down and then begins strutting. White rakes the eye of his opponent, but Lethal then responds with the same only for White to snap away at the knee joint of Lethal – following up with a chop. Lethal tries to fire back with some of his own, but White then hits a dropkick down to the legs to continue focusing on that area. 

White sets in the Muta Lock, but his opponent gets out and connects with Lethal Combination. White hits a big boot but Lethal then nails a lariat and follows with a dive outside of the ring to continue the attack. Back inside the ring, Lethal nails an Elbow Drop, but White manages to kick out. Jay looks for Lethal Injection but White grabs the leg only for Lethal to catch him with a boot to the chest.

White goes back for the knee of White though and then sends Lethal into the turnbuckles before hitting a brainbuster – forcing Lethal to kick out of a pinfall attmept. The two men then go chop for chop until White connects with a sleeper suplex, but Lethal then looks for Lethal Injection only for White to chop block the knee. White then tries for a Blade Runner but Lethal rolls through only to be caught out as White hooks the leg and pins him.

Winner: Jay White

Christian Cage (c) vs. Adam Copeland (TNT Championship Match)

Adam Copeland immediately takes the fight to Christian Cage, taking a page out of Sheamus' book with some beats to the chest on the ropes before charging the champion off the ring apron to the floor. Copeland then smashes Cage into the announce table repeatedly. Cage attempts a low blow but Copeland stops it immediately and stomps on his hand and then splits apart his fingers as he takes his former partner back outside the ring and repeatedly into the barricade. 

The champion responds by launching Copeland over the barricade and into the fans as he demands the official counts him out. Copeland makes it back in time, but Cage immediately attacks him and stomps down on his former friend. Cage then hammers down with punches in the corner, but Copeland bites his hand to escape and then hits a Russian leg sweep from the top turnbuckle. 

Copeland blocks a pendulum kick and then launches himself off the top turnbuckle with a clothesline as both men spill to the floor. Back inside the ring, Cage looks for a Spear but Copeland takes it and backs up into the corner, bouncing off the turnbuckles to then hit an Impaler, but Cage kicks out. Copeland then heads to the top turnbuckle but Cage swipes his legs, but Copeland fights back and then hits a Liger Bomb, only for Cage to kick out again.

Cage looks for Killswitch but Copeland breaks out and then gets a cradle in but Cage kicks out. He goes for the finisher again but Copeland counters, driving Cage down to the mat as he then locks in a Crossface. Copeland then sets up for a Spear, but Cage leapfrogs it and hits Killswitch only for Copeland to kick out! Cage then goes for a Spear but misses and hits the turnbuckles. 

However, Copeland accidentally bumps into the official when he moves and Cage then follows it by kicking the official with a low blow. Both men then try for a Spear at the same time, but Nick Wayne's mother then heads to the ring. She grabs the TNT Championship and nails Copeland with it. Cage then connects with another Killswitch and he stands tall above his fallen friend. Cage then places Copeland's head onto the TNT Championship and stomps it on it. 

Winner (and still TNT Champion): Christian Cage