Ex-WWE Star Matt Cardona Wants To Wrestle Former WCW Champion

Matt Cardona will be the first to say he took to the independent circuit like a duck to water following his WWE departure in 2020. He continues to be one of the most prominent names wrestling outside of WWE, AEW, or New Japan Pro-Wrestling, boasting championship reigns with GCW, NWA, and Impact Wrestling over the past few years. However, Cardona revealed that one personal target continues to elude him in an interview with "Dashawn's 2 Cents." 

"David Arquette, he's been ducking me for years," Cardona said when the former WCW Champion's name was brought up. 

Arquette notoriously held the WCW World Title in 2000 after winning the belt in a tag team match. The "Scream" actor would later wrestle for WWE, and GCW, somewhat redeeming himself to wrestling fans when he challenged the "Deathmatch King" Nick Gage for the GCW World Championship in 2018. The match was shown during Gage's "Dark Side of the Ring" docu-series episode, showing Arquette bleeding profusely as a result of light tubes and Gage's signature pizza cutter. 

Cardona said that he would love to either face Arquette or have him join his budding stable. "I would love to wrestle David Arquette. Or maybe he could be the next 'Broski,' you know, Steph De Lander, Jimmy Lloyd, David Arquette. Could you imagine the heat?" 

Cardona also revealed that he had been trying to make a David Arquette action figure, conscripting AEW interview RJ City to help get the deal made. But for whatever reason, Arquette has yet to go for the offer. "David, what the f*** dude? It's not like you have any other figures; it's not like Mattel or Jazwares is knocking on your f******* door. Let's get some figures made, pal."