WWE NXT Results 12/12 - Men's Breakout Tournament Begins, Deadline Fallout

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on December 12, 2023, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

With "NXT" Deadline now in the books, there is sure to be some fallout tonight. Not only did Trick Williams and Blair Davenport win the Men's and Women's Iron Survivor Challenge matches respectively, but Dragon Lee dethroned Dominik Mysterio to become the new North American Champion and Cora Jade made her highly anticipated return by blindsiding "NXT" Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria as a means of sending a message to her. 

Lola Vice defeated Kelani Jordan to win the "NXT" Women's Breakout Tournament earlier this year at Night Two of Halloween Havoc and secured a contract for a "NXT" Women's Championship to cash in at any time of her choosing. Tonight, the "NXT" Men's Breakout Tournament kicks off with Riley Osborne, Oma Femi, Luca Crusifino, Tavion Heights, Myles Borne, Trey Bearhill, Keanu Carver, and Dion Lennox all set to participate.

Last week, Nikkita Lyons made her highly anticipated return when she clocked the aforementioned Davenport at ringside, having been previously sidelined with an injury caused by her for a number of months. Tonight, she is scheduled to make an appearance.

We are live! We see Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arrive at the Performance Center as cameras swarm them. We then head over to a video recapping the events of Deadline before we see Carmelo Hayes grabbing his knee backstage after he has seemingly been attacked.

Vic Joseph and Booker T then greet audiences at home as Cora Jade waits inside the ring. 

We Hear From Cora Jade

Jade says it's been four long, hard and difficult months for fans without her. She says everything is fine now that she's back and Deadline was the best day ever because she reminded everyone that things are better when she's around. She says no one was talking about the Women's Iron Survivor Challenge because they were talking about her.

Lyra Valkyria's music hits and she appears. She says Jade forgot to mentioned that she jumped her, and she's still taking shortcuts as always. She says things have changed in "NXT" since she's been gone and she's no longer the same woman that Jade knew.

Blair Davenport then appears and brags about winning the Women's Iron Survivor Challenge. She says that she's here to remind Valkyria that she should be focused on her because she will dethrone her as "NXT" Women's Champion at New Year's Evil Valkyria says she's surprised that Jade and her aren't best friends given that they both like jumping people.

Nikkita Lyons then marches down to the ring and attacks Davenport. Valkyria and Jade join in, and the four women begin brawling. Jade and Davenport are sent crashing to the outside.

Meta-Four then make their way down to the ring. Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley follow. 

Meta-Four (w/ Jakara Jackson) vs. Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley

Meta-Four blindside Henley, Briggs, and Jensen from behind. The bell rings and Legend continues beating down Henley in the ring. Henley delivers a kick to her face before the two shove each other. Henley delivers a dropkick and tags Jensen in. Mensah gets in the ring and executes an Atomic Drop. He then fires off right hands and tosses him across his ring. Briggs and Jensen then deliver right hands to Mensah and Dar through the middle rope, but Legend dumps Henley on the pair to take them down.

Back from the break, Jensen fires off right hands on Mensah's midsection. He dumps him out of the ring, but Mensah slides back in and delivers a kick to his knee. Dar tags in and double teams on Jensen with Mensah, then delivers an elbow to his head. Jensen delivers a chop block, but Dar fires off right hands on his spine. Jensen trips Dar and looks to hit an enzuigiri, but Dar ducks out of the way and cinches in an Ankle Lock. Jensen escapes and tags in Briggs, but the referee doesn't see the tag as he is being distracted by Jackson. Mensah delivers a knee in the corner and Dar delivers a back elbow as Tiffany Stratton appears at ringside. Henley begins brawling with her to the back.

Jensen rolls up Dar, but Dar kicks out and hits the Nova Roller. Briggs tags in and fires off right hands on him, then connects with a boot on him. He follows it up with a clothesline that turns Dar inside out for the win.

Winners: Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley

We then head back to the medical area and see Carmelo Hayes being checked on as Trick Williams flanks him. The doctor clears him for competition, and Williams asks Hayes if he knows who did this. Hayes says he has an idea, and Williams says he has to deal with Ilja Dragunov before he can help him out. Hayes then tells him to deal with his business and says he's got things handled.

Back from the break, the NXT Men's Breakout Tournament participants are standing on the ramp. Lexis King appears on the ramp and hits Trey Bearhill with a chair.

Oma Femi vs. Myles Borne in a First Round Match for the NXT Men's Breakout Tournament

The bell rings and the two lock up. Borne connects with a dropkick, but Femi delivers an elbow to his head. Borne fires off stomps on Femi in the corner, then delivers a drop toe hold and a knee to Femi's spine. Femi plants Borne and lands an uppercut in the corner, but Borne delivers a powerslam. Femi fires back with a powerslam for the win.

Winner: Oba Femi

Back from the break, Dragon Lee makes his way down to the ring. Tyler Bate follows.

Dragon Lee (c) vs. Tyler Bate for the North American Championship

The bell rings and the pair shake hands. They then lock up before Lee delivers a shoulder tackle. Bate gets him up on his shoulders and looks to hit an Airplane Spin, but Lee escapes and delivers a hurricanrana. They then both level one another with double clotheslines.

Back from the break, Bate delivers a dropkick that sends Lee crashing out of the ring. He goes flying over the top rope to level him, then tosses him back inside the ring and gets him up on his shoulders, but Lee escapes and sends him crashing to the outside. He delivers a tope suicida and dumps him back inside the ring, then delivers a kick to him in the corner over the top from the apron. He follows it up with a dropkick, but Bate gets him up on his shoulders and delivers an Airplane Spin. Lee delivers a German suplex to Bate and drapes him off the top rope, then delivers a double stomp to his chest off the top. Bate sets up for a powerbomb, but Lee hits a hurricanrana and a jumping knee. Lee then plants him with Operation Dragon for the win.

Winner (and still): Dragon Lee

After the match, the pair hug it out.

Dijak then makes his way down to the ring. Eddy Thorpe follows.

Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe

Dijak attacks Thorpe on the ramp and the two brawl in the ringside area, exchanging strikes with one another. Dijak sends Thorpe crashing into the ring apron, but Thorpe sends Dijak colliding with the ring steps. The pair then get in the ring and the bell sounds.

Thorpe fires off kicks on Dijak's chest, but Dijak sends him crashing into the corner, causing the top rope to break. He then hits him with the turnbuckle, causing himself to be disqualified.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe (via disqualification)

Dijak then repeatedly hits him with the turnbuckle as referees look to separate the two men. Dijak retreats momentarily, but decides to slide back inside the ring and sends Thorpe crashing into the middle turnbuckle ribs first.

We then head over to Chase U, where Andre Chase and the students are catching up about their latest efforts to raise money to help the school. Thea Hail becomes interested after learning from Jacy Jayne can watch Riley Osborne (her crush) during his first round NXT Men's Breakout Tournament match from ringside in the Chase U section. Reggie walks in and hands a briefcase over to Chase, telling him he has a proposition.

Back from the break, Keanu Carver makes his way down to the ring. Riley Osborne follows.

Riley Osborne vs. Keanu Carver in a First Round Match for the NXT Men's Breakout Tournament

Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne join the Chase U student section as the bell rings and the two lock up. Osborne delivers a moonsault, but Carver delivers a clothesline that flips him inside out. He sends Osborne crashing into the mat with a pair of slams, but Osborne fires back with a kick before dropkicking him into the corner. Carver lands a shoulder pounce, but Osborne lands a kick from the apron. He ascends to the top and delivers a Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner: Riley Osborne

Nikkita Lyons and Lyra Valkyria then make their way down to the ring. Cora Jade and Blair Davenport follow.

Lyra Valkyria and Nikkita Lyons vs. Cora Jade and Blair Davenport

Valkyria and Davenport begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Jade tags in and Valkyria fires off forearms on her chest. She follows it up with an arm drag and whips Jade into the corner. Lyons tags in and hits a bodyslam on the now legal Davenport. Jade tags back in and wears down Lyons, then tags Davenport back in, who delivers a neckbreaker.

Back from the break, Lyons rolls up Jade. Jade kicks out and tags in Davenport. Valkyria tags in and delivers a series of kicks, then follows it up with a Fisherman's Buster and a dropkick through the middle rope on the outside. She dumps Davenport back inside the ring as Tatum Paxley appears at ringside with one of Valkyria's feathers in hand. Valkyria takes note, but doesn't think much of it. She looks to fly, but Davenport avoids the maneuver. Lyons provides Valkyria with a hand, but Jade intervenes and the two begin brawling. Valkyria rolls up Davenport, but unbeknownst to her, Jade has tagged in. Lyons delivers a kick to Davenport on the outside as Jade pins her in the ring for the win.

Winners: Cora Jade and Blair Davenport

After the match, Paxley dumps Lyons out of the ring and hugs Valkyria.

Back from the break, Alicia Taylor introduces Trick Williams and he makes his way down to the ring.

Ilja Dragunov and Trick Williams Come Face-To-Face

Williams says he would usually come out to the ring to destroy his opponents on the mic, but not tonight. He nominates the Men's Iron Survivor Challenge to be Match of the Year at the upcoming "NXT" Awards, and his opponents forgot that he's been balling his whole life. He says "NXT" New Years Evil is three weeks away, where he will be facing Ilja Dragunov for the "NXT" Championship.

Dragunov's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says things were much different between a few months ago, and says he's proud of how far Williams has come. He says while he couldn't watch the Men's Iron Survivor Challenge live, then congratulates him on his performance in the match.

Williams says he's the guy now and says he will beat the best "NXT" has to offer in three weeks. Dragunov says he's suffered too much to become titleholder and stay the titleholder, then says he'll do whatever it takes to keep things that way.

Carmelo Hayes' music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He apologizes for interrupting and says it's time for him to take care of business. He says his name has been dragged through the dirt over the past two months, and says the same person who attacked him tonight attacked Williams in October. Dragunov looks to leave, but Hayes stops him and accuses Dragunov of being the attacker. Dragunov denies that it was him, and Hayes explains that Dragunov has been playing mind games with him and Williams. He says he didn't want to face both of them rather than one of them. Dragunov calls Hayes delusional, and Hayes says Dragunov is more calculated than meets the eye. He says he did exactly what he set out to by pitting him and Williams against each other, and Dragunov once again reiterates that he's not the attacker. He tells Williams he needs to talk to Hayes, and Hayes cuts him off. He says him and Williams are on the same page, and says Dragunov needs to know how it feels to have something taken from him.

Hayes looks to pull the "NXT" Championship away from Dragunov, but Dragunov refuses to let go of it. Hayes manages to pull the title away from him, but accidentally hits Williams with it in the process. Hayes and Dragunov stand in disbelief of what just happened as the show goes off the air.