Tony Khan Addresses Current Status Of AEW And Warner Brothers Discovery Relationship

The relationship between AEW and its broadcast partner, Warner Bros. Discovery, has been under scrutiny recently. WBD has been widely speculated as a leading figure in the race for WWE's "Raw" TV rights as of late, bringing forth questions about where AEW would fit under the same umbrella as the WWE brand. Tony Khan provided an update on his relationship with his broadcaster during the Ring of Honor Final Battle 2023 media scrum (h/t Fightful).

"Ring of Honor, we haven't had recently as many [talks with WBD]," he shared, "But we've had really good conversations about AEW. Even in recent days, I've had really good talks with Warner Brothers Discovery. We've been with them for several years. It's a really exciting time for AEW."

Khan spoke further on the speculated talks between WBD and WWE, explaining that he understands the process from a corporate standpoint. He said, "With media rights and all the things coming up, everyone has to do their due diligence. It's just part of the TV business." 

Khan expressed his belief that the relationship between AEW and WBD remains strong, and he feels the promotion has been performing incredibly well for the broadcaster. He said that AEW is in a position to enjoy huge growth in 2024, and WBD has expressed its own excitement toward the promotion's prospects. AEW currently has three weekly shows running on Warner Bros. Discovery-owned channels, TBS and TNT. AEW "Dynamite" runs on TBS on Wednesday nights as it has done since January 5, 2022, having previously aired between 2019 and 2021 on TNT. Friday night's "Rampage" and Saturday night's "Collision" currently run on TNT, the latter only being introduced on the network since June earlier this year. AEW has also aired a couple of reality series, "AEW: All Access" and "Rhodes To The Top," on TNT during its partnership.