Eric Bischoff Explains Why He Isn't Happy About WWE/WBD Rumors

Eric Bischoff anticipates Warner Bros. Discovery potentially acquiring the media rights to "WWE Raw." However, the former WCW President believes that AEW officials should be concerned as the company's networks host the promotion's weekly programming, and they've yet to reach an agreement to extend their working relationship. That said, Bischoff isn't happy about the situation, as he explained on "Strictly Business."

"I'm not happy this is happening. I'm frustrated because it shouldn't have happened... We shouldn't have gotten to this point of discussion. Right now, AEW and WBD should be in a long-term relationship. This deal should have been renegotiated; it should have been moving forward with a plan months ago. Months ago. Those conversations should have started almost a year ago."

According to Bischoff, AEW's situation could be similar to TNA's in the past. He said TNA has squandered opportunities to grow, and AEW could face a similar outcome if WBD chooses "Raw" in favor of AEW programming. However, he understands why WBD might find WWE more commercially viable than AEW, as the former promotion is more advertiser-friendly.

Bischoff clarified that nothing is set in stone yet, and he insisted that isn't rooting against AEW. However, he is concerned about AEW not growing its audience, which might be why WBD could turn its attention to acquiring WWE.

"I want to make it clear that nobody's dancing on anybody's grave. We're not even pronouncing the patient in critical condition yet. We're just looking at the dots and starting to create a picture."