WWE HOFer Mark Henry Details What He Learned From Mae Young

Mark Henry and Mae Young were involved in one of the most bizarre storylines in WWE's Attitude Era, which featured romantic scenes and Young "giving birth" to a hand after becoming pregnant by Henry. Despite their strange onscreen relationship, "The World's Strongest Man" admired Young, and during an appearance on Isiah Kassidy's YouTube channel, he recalled some of the things he learned from her.

According to Henry, Young was the toughest woman he ever met in pro wrestling, however, she told him shocking stories about her early days in the industry. "She went through hazing, the verbal abuse, the torture, people being disrespectful, and she was able to keep going and turn that thing on its head and become more successful and have a longevity that none of those people that she wrestled with could have dreamed of." Additionally, Young shaped the way Henry approached advice from others when she criticized him for listening too much. "She would tell me not to take so much advice from everybody. She said like, you know who you are. You take advice from people too easy. And I had to look in the mirror and go what she mean by that?"

This allowed Henry to change the way he approached working with others, and he'd eventually work to the benefit of all stars in a match. "I appreciate her every day for teaching me that. I learned to work for both people or all people in a match, and that was her." Sadly, just like Young, Henry was also subjected to harsh hazing early in his career, which he recently opened up about.