Jeff Jarrett Names His Favorite TNA Gimmick Matches

Jeff Jarrett's establishment of TNA with his father Jerry Jarrett created the closest thing to a viable opposition promotion to WWE for quite a few years. TNA utilized many gimmick matches early on, and on his "My World" podcast, Jarrett compared the Ultimate X and King of the Mountain match stipulations. According to Jarrett, while King of the Mountain was a complicated stipulation that allowed stars like Abyss and AJ Styles to shine, Ultimate X is the better gimmick match. "To go on record, the Ultimate X match is TNA's best stipulation, best gimmick match, I think King of the Mountain, we created a lot of drama through the years."

Additionally, Jarrett claimed that the King of the Mountain stipulation was an attempt to be more innovative without losing fans along the way. However, the match type was always meant to showcase the TNA World Heavyweight Championship."But the King of the Mountain was always set around the World Heavyweight title match. We wanted to create a signature Heavyweight title match, just like we did a signature for the X Division.

Jarrett also noted that a lot of the inspiration behind the Ultimate X match came from seeing how impactful WrestleMania 10's Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon was. Impact Wrestling will officially revert to its TNA name this coming January 2024, which Jarrett recently commented on. According to the veteran, the original name change to Impact Wrestling was "dead on arrival."

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