Jeff Jarrett Addresses Critics Of AEW's Continental Classic Tournament

AEW's Continental Classic is pushing toward its finish. However, Jeff Jarrett has hit back at complaints regarding the tournament, admitting he's not sure how people can be confused by it.

"I believe it's impossible now; the culture is there, is people always going to complain, I mean about anything," he said on "My World with Jeff Jarrett." "The Continental Classic, you hear, the analogies to the Japan G1, there's been tournaments and different things and different iterations and not exactly the same forever and ever and ever." 

The Continental Classic has drawn comparisons to other tournaments, in particular the G1 Climax. However, the big issue that a lot of people have had is with the point-scoring aspect of it, and how wrestlers can progress. However, that's not something Jarrett has an issue with.

"I think it's super easy to understand; there's been clean pinfalls which I do think has helped in the storytelling," Jarrett said. "I think it is a six/seven-week story that involves 12 guys, if you will ... It's not new, but it's the AEW spin on it and the title prize, and they're punching their ticket... It's subjective, and I do not think it's confusing. I'm not sure how folks can be confused."

Jarrett himself hasn't been involved in the tournament this year, but has been able to see his stablemate Jay Lethal take part in it. With the tournament expected to return next year, there is a chance that Jarrett could step up, though, which he's open to doing. 

"I would've actually enjoyed this, and I know it's a lot of wrestling," he said. "But, I wasn't in one Bound For Glory series, I certainly wasn't in the Japan tournament. It would have been a different direction to take the old Last Outlaw."

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