AEW Rampage: Holiday Bash Results 12/22 - International And AAA Mega Titles On The Line & More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for Night Two of the Holiday Bash special on "AEW Rampage" on December 22, 2023, coming to you from the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

Since dethroning Rey Fenix as International Champion back in October, Orange Cassidy has had a string of successful title defenses. Tonight, he will be putting his title on the line once again as he collides with his ally Rocky Romero after the latter requested a title match on Wednesday's episode of "AEW Dynamite".

Another title will also be on the line, as El Hijo del Vikingo defends the AAA Mega Championship against Black Taurus. Although this will be Taurus' first ever match in AEW, he has appeared in promotions across the world including Ring of Honor, AAA, DEFY Wrestling, GCW, House of Glory, and Impact Wrestling.

Last Saturday on "AEW Collision", Skye Blue seemingly aligned herself with TBS Champion Julia Hart after she turned her back on Abadon following their win against Jazmin Allure. Thunder Rosa returned to the ring to provide Abadon with a helping hand, leading to the announcement that Abadon and Rosa would be taking on Blue and Hart tomorrow night.  Blue looks to gain some momentum heading into the match tonight as she goes one-on-one with Queen Aminata.

Speaking of "Collision", Kris Statlander joined forces with Willow Nightingale to defeat Mercedes Martinez and Diamante in a Street Fight this past Saturday. Following that, Statlander has something on her mind to share tonight. Additionally, The Hardys will be returning to action for the first time since November 29 as they square off with The Kingdom.

We are live! Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Chris Jericho greet audiences at home as Orange Cassidy and Trent Beretta make their way down to the ring. Rocky Romero is already waiting inside.

Orange Cassidy (w/ Trent Beretta) (c) vs. Rocky Romero for the International Championship

The bell rings and the two lock up. They take turns locking each other in submission holds before Cassidy connects with a dropkick. Romero delivers a hurricanrana and a tope suicida, then gets Cassidy back inside the ring. Cassidy rolls back outside, and Romero executes a hurricanrana. He gets Cassidy back inside and delivers a pair of clotheslines, but Cassidy rolls him up.

Romero kicks out and delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then lands a second backbreaker and delivers a stomp. He whips him into opposite corners, but Cassidy catches him with a Tornado DDT and ascends to the top. He delivers a crossbody, but Romero delivers a suplex and drapes him across the top rope. He looks to fly, but Cassidy ducks out of the way. Romero then suplexes him on the apron.

Back from the break, Romero and Cassidy exchange strikes with one another. Cassidy executes the Orange Punch and fires off his signature kicks. He then delivers a pair of kicks to Romero's face, but Romero responds with a Tornado DDT and a kneeling belly-to-back piledriver. Cassidy then delivers Beach Break for the win.

Winner (and still): Orange Cassidy

After the match, Cassidy, Beretta, and Romero all hug one another.

We then head backstage, where Tony Schiavone is standing by with Kris Statlander. Stokely Hathaway walks in and claims that Willow Nightingale has been going around telling people that they would've lost their Street Fight this past Saturday on "Collision" if it wasn't for her. He tells her to look in the mirror to see the woman that he does.

Back from the break, The Hardys make their way down to the ring. The Kingdom follows.

The Kingdom (w/ Roderick Strong) vs. The Hardys

Matt and Taven begin the action. The bell rings and Matt fires off shoulders on Taven in the corner. He delivers a back body drop and tags in Jeff. Jeff delivers a leg drop and a splash, then tags Matt back in. The Hardys double team on Taven, but Bennett tags in and fires off right hands on him. Jeff becomes legal and delivers a Side Russian Leg Sweep, then ascends to the top. Taven looks to pull him down, but the referee sees him. This opens the door for Bennet to trip Jeff.

Back from the break, Matt tags in and delivers a pair of clotheslines to Taven. He follows it up with The Three Faces of Deletion and a powerbomb, then delivers the Side Effect and tosses Taven over the timekeeper's table on the outside. Jeff rains down right hands on Bennett before Matt sends him crashing into the ring steps shoulders first and delivers The Three Faces of Deletion to him on top of them. He grabs a chair, but the referee grabs it away from him inside the ring. This opens the door for Taven to slide back in the ring and roll him up for the win.

Winners: The Kingdom

Skye Blue then makes her way down to the ring. Queen Aminata is already waiting inside.

Skye Blue vs. Queen Aminata

The bell rings and the two stare one another down. Blue spits in Aminata's face, and the pair go back and forth with forearms. Blue gains the upper hand and fires off several, but Aminata executes a swinging neckbreaker. The action spills to the outside, and Blue continues beating down Aminata. She tosses her back inside the ring and fires off strikes, but Aminata shoves her and delivers a German suplex. She follows it up with a Hip Attack and a running knee, then looks to fly. Blue ducks out of the way and delivers a thrust kick, then gets Aminata up on her shoulders and plants her. She then locks in a Dragon Sleeper for the win.

Winner: Skye Blue

Black Taurus then makes his way down to the ring. El Hijo del Vikingo and Alex Abrahantes follow.

El Hijo del Vikingo (w/ Alex Abrahantes) (c) vs. Black Taurus for the AAA Mega Championship

The bell rings and the two go back and forth. Taurus delivers a shoulder block and an arm drag, but Vikingo catches him with a hurricanrana. Taurus follows suit, but Vikingo catches him with a boot. Taurus delivers a neck crank and a Samoan Drop.

Back from the break, Taurus goes flying and levels Vikingo on the outside. Vikingo looks to do the same, but Taurus catches him and gets him up on his shoulders. He sends him crashing into the floor with a slam and gets him back inside the ring. He ascends to the top, but Taurus rolls out of the way. Vikingo then delivers an avalanche hurricanrana before Taurus hits him with a spear. He charges at him, but Vikingo sends him onto the apron. Taurus ascends to the top and drags Vikingo up to join him, then delivers an avalanche Michinoku Driver and a variation on a backbreaker. He follows it up with a clothesline that turns Vikingo inside out, but Vikingo delivers a jawbreaker and a kick. He follows it up with a pair of running double knees and tosses him back inside the ring, then delivers a Crucifix Bomb and a second pair of running double knees. He ascends to the top and delivers the 630 Senton for the win.

Winner (and still): El Hijo del Vikingo