Hornswoggle Says This Former WWE Star Told Him To Stop Crying After His Release

In May 2016, WWE released a handful of on-screen talent, including Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Cameron, and Hornswoggle, who had resided in the company for nearly ten years. On a recent episode of "Oh You Didn't Know," Hornswoggle (real name Dylan Postl) opened up about the rollercoaster of emotions he experienced in the wake of his exit. Despite his initial shock at WWE's decision, Hornswoggle eventually found some solace through a phone call he placed to one of his close friends, former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Myers.

"The whole world almost froze and I sat there [on the day of the release], and I go 'S***, what am I going to do?' I've never wrestled independently in all reality. I've been paid well for 10 years of my life, [and I go] 'What am I going to do?' I have a child who is in elementary school. As a single dad, what am I going to do? The first person I called was Brian Myers, [also known as] Curt Hawkins. I remember calling him, and I go 'What do I do?' because he was released at the time too. He goes, 'Get up off the floor. Stop f***ing crying. I'm calling you back. Give me a bit.' I go, 'Okay great.' He goes, 'See if those green pants still fit. You got to start working.'"

While Hornswoggle was expecting Myers to call back with one or two possible booking dates for him, Myers soon laid out 16 different options — a gesture that Hornswoggle will remain forever grateful for.

"[Myers] goes, 'I got you. Here's the people. Here's what you message. Do your thing. Let's have fun. Now's the time to have fun,'" Hornswoggle said. Three weeks after that phone call, Hornswoggle and Myers teamed up for a pair of matches at Absolute Intense Wrestling, the first of which resulted in a victory against Alex Kellar and Evan Adams.

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