Swerve Strickland Defeats Dustin Rhodes In Lengthy Match At AEW Worlds End

Filling in for his "Naturally Limitless" teammate, Keith Lee, who was a late scratch due to injury, "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes hit the ring looking a bit uncertain against Swerve Strickland, and the latter took advantage right out of the gate.

Attacking Rhodes before the match even started, Strickland would ultimately render Rhodes helpless on the outside, placing his left leg on a cinderblock and smashing it, with AEW officials then looking to take Rhodes backstage and end the match almost right away before Rhodes refused and re-entered the ring, and gathered himself just in time for the bell to ring and Swerve to quickly pounce once again.

Dustin would rally, hitting a cross body on Strickland for a near fall before a series of trademark strikes that led to an advantage in the corner. From there, Rhodes hit a Canadian Destroyer and a snap powerslam before hitting Golden Globes in the corner and a Cross Rhodes from which Strickland was still able to kick out and regain momentum.

In the end, Swerve smashed Rhodes' arm, connected with a head kick and finished things with a Swerve Stomp to secure the win. "The Natural" hung in there far longer than what most likely would have expected but Strickland's surge continues.