WWE SmackDown Results 1/5: New Year's Revolution, Women's Title Match And More

Welcome to our WrestlingInc.com live "WWE SmackDown: New Year's Revolution" viewing party. Tonight's show comes from Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

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Here is what's in store for tonight:

  • Universal Title #1 Contender's Match: Randy Orton vs. LA Knight vs. AJ Styles
  • WWE Women's Championship: IYO SKY (c) vs. "Michin" Mia Yim
  • U.S. Title Tournament Finals: Santos Escobar vs. Kevin Owens
  • Butch & TBD vs. Pretty Deadly
  • Roman Reigns appears
  • Logan Paul appears

U.S. Title Tournament Finals: Kevin Owens vs. Santos Escobar

Backstage, Roman Reigns exits his vehicle and declines to speak to Kayla Braxton. We send it to the ring for the opening contest.

Logan Paul makes his way out to commentary before the bell rings, plus LWO jumps Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo to send them backstage.

Kevin Owens vs. Santos Escobar

Owens immediately hits the cannonball in the corner followed by a top rope frog splash for a nearfall before the first commercial. We return to Owens climbing up top again but Escobar cuts him off. Escobar then targets Owens' injured hand by slamming it around and stretching it out. Escobar dives through the ropes to tackle Owens into the barricade. Paul stands up at commentary to egg on the crowd's chants while Owens starts to turn things around.

Owens and Escobar find themselves up top where Escobar headbutts him off. He leaps but Owens catches him with the knee followed by a DDT prior to another break. After, Owens does a cannonball outside of the ring before Escobar turns it around again. He lands a splash for a nearfall before the crowd chants "Logan sucks" again. Owens hoists Escobar up for a rolling senton off the top rope, nearfall. Owens pulls out a superkick but Escobar counters the pop up bomb by rolling through. Owens caught him with a pop up bomb anyway and then landed the Stunner to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Owens will challenge Logan Paul for the U.S. Title at Royal Rumble. After the match, Paul gets on the mic and trashes Owens while putting himself over as the greatest U.S. Champ. Paul steps in the ring only to get sucker punched to shut him up. 

Lashley & Street Profits Meet A New Faction

Backstage, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller approach Logan Paul before Cameron Grimes interrupts. Grimes and Waller get into it while Theory tries chatting up Paul.

Back in the ring, Bobby Lashley starts off by saying 2023 was the toughest year because he didn't see the results he wanted. In 2024, he and The Street Profits are taking everything they deserve. The Profits are eyeing Judgment Day's tag titles, while Lashley is declaring himself for the Royal Rumble match. They are interrupted by Karrion Kross and Scarlett, plus Paul Ellering. AOP then attacks Lashley and Profits from behind as Kross goes up and runs Lashley into the ring steps. 

With Lashley and Profits laid out in the ring, Kross, AOP, Scarlett, and Ellering stand united on the ramp. 

WWE Women's Title: IYO SKY (c) vs. Michin

Mia and Iyo are both fighting alone as Mia tries dictating the pace early on until Iyo lands a gut stomp. Iyo falls through the ropes, allowing for Mia to run and dive out going into the break. We return to Mia hitting Iyo with a vicious knee. She lifts Iyo and slams her with a gut-wrench suplex. Mia cannonballs into the corner, cover. In the opposite corner, Mia hits a lungblower before applying a half crab that she sits in. 

Iyo goes to jump back inside but Mia clocks her with a right hand. On the apron, Iyo counters and lands a big bridging German. Iyo lands a missile dropkick from the ropes. She goes up top but Mia counters the moonsault with her knees. Dragon suplex from Mia for a nearfall. Iyo goes up top again but Mia cuts her off again. Mia goes up, but Iyo does a palm strike. Iyo goes for a hurricanrana but Mia catches her and hits a huge Styles Clash from the second rope. Iyo gets her hand on the rope to break the cover.

Mia goes to dive outside again but Iyo moves and Mia splats on the floor. Back inside, Iyo connects with the Over the Moonsault finally to pin for the three.

Winner: IYO SKY (c)

Backstage, Paul Heyman is asked to address The Rock. Paul says Rock wants to sit at the Head of the Table, but he must be invited to a dinner of relevancy first, but he won't be. Rock is just looking for a shortcut to the headlines. There are two ways to go viral — date Taylor Swift or call out Roman Reigns. Heyman also commented on CM Punk but noted he's upgraded. Ultimately, no one will beat Roman Reigns. 

Pretty Deadly vs. Butch & Tyler Bate

Damage CTRL congratulates IYO backstage as Bayley says Asuka and Kairi will go after the tag titles next, while Dakota says Bayley will win the Rumble. Bianca Belair interrupts and says they're getting ahead of themselves. Belair says Bayley isn't winning because she's officially declaring her entry. 

Pretty Deadly vs. Butch & Tyler Bate

Butch's mystery partner is revealed to be NXT star Tyler Bate. Bate runs the offense early on as he and Butch flip out of the ring to knock down Pretty Deadly going into commercial. After a while, Butch spins Prince around with the helicopter until he drops him in a dizzy heap. Butch gets the tag as he holds Prince in place for Bate to hit the springboard clothesline. Butch goes up top but is shoved off by Prince and Wilson goes for the roll up. Bate returns to hit Bop and Bang, allowing for Butch and Bate to hit a double Tyler Driver 97 on Wilson for the win.

Winners: Butch & Tyler Bate

We see a vignette for LA Knight after video packages on Orton and Styles aired earlier.

Ashante Thee Adonis steps into Nick Aldis' office to discuss feeling lost. Aldis doesn't feel sorry for him but is willing to help navigate him. 

Belair vs. Bayley, Waller vs. Grimes, LWO vs. Angel & Humberto all set for next week.

#1 Contender's Match: AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. LA Knight

Knight and AJ slug it out before Orton dumps them to the outside. Orton goes to slam LA off the announce desk but LA ends up slamming AJ's head several times. Orton then runs up and back drops LA on the desk, followed by AJ. Styles finds his footing and prepares for the flying forearm but Orton wipes his feet out from under him. Orton capitalizes and hits the signature draping DDT on AJ. Orton preps for the RKO but Knight drags him out and sends him into the steps. Styles then flies through the ropes to knock out Knight.

After the break, Styles chops at Orton outside the ring before throwing him around into the barricade. Knight gets back in the mix with jabs and kicks to Styles. Orton returns to the ring and Knight hits a side Russian leg sweep. Knight targets Styles again before Orton grounds Knight and powerslams Styles. Knight hits Orton with BFT, but Styles stops the ref from hitting three. LA and AJ slug it out until AJ hits the flying forearm. 

Styles goes for the forearm again but on Orton and Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere. Knight pulls the ref out to break the count. All three men are down when Roman's music hits. There is no winner here.

No Contest

Roman tells Solo to attack and he targets Knight first. Solo and Uso then stomp on Orton followed by Styles. Solo runs the steps into Orton's head. Reigns plants Styles with a powerbomb as Nick Aldis watches on. Knight is busted open as Reigns nails a spear. Reigns spears Orton and Solo does the spike combo with it.

Aldis pulls Heyman aside and tells Roman to congratulate himself because he just booked a four-way title match for Royal Rumble.