Eric Bischoff Comments On Kevin Dunn's WWE Departure, How Production Could Improve

As noted, WWE Executive Producer and Chief of Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn announced his retirement on December 30 after decades with the company. During a recent episode of "Strictly Business," another former WWE executive Eric Bischoff weighed in on Dunn's surprising but inevitable departure.

"I'm happy for Kevin," Bischoff said. "Unless you've been there, unless you've spent any time in WWE — particularly on the production side of things — there is no way the average non-televised person is listening to this, even people on television, 95% of them aren't going to be able to relate to what Kevin Dunn accomplished. And not only what he accomplished, but being able to survive for as long as Kevin did in the pressure cooker that is WWE under Vince McMahon, especially in that role. Whatever kind of award you can give to be like a creative production executive made of cast iron, that's Kevin."

Bischoff noted that Dunn is a great guy despite not being a people person. Bischoff also described him as talented, loyal, and opinionated, but ultimately praised his work for shaping WWE's presentation on television.

What Bischoff Would Change About WWE's Presentation

But when asked about what he would change now that Dunn has retired, Bischoff explained that he wouldn't change the overall presentation because it's working. However, he would like to see some tweaks to commentary.

"One of these days we're going to do a show on color and play-by-play [commentary] because that's the one area that I think could be significantly enhanced. That is not to suggest that the people who are doing it now are doing it badly. In fact, they're doing it phenomenally across the board."

Bischoff offered his praise for commentary teams across WWE, AEW, and TNA, however he believes there is an opportunity for them to enhance the product rather than just support it.

"The one thing that has evolved, in fact, I think in some aspects has devolved, is the impact that quality play-by-play and color can provide," Bischoff added. "I think there's an opportunity for someone to re-evaluate the style, the presentation style of today's color and play-by-play, and think about, creatively, ways to enhance it, to enhance the overall presentation as opposed to just supporting it."

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