Tony Khan Provides An Update On AEW's Relationship With WBD Amid Media Rights Speculation

All Elite Wrestling CEO Tony Khan was a guest on News4JAX's "Going Ringside" where he was asked about AEW's future with its TV contract. Khan revealed when fans will know where the long-term home for AEW programming will be — at the end of this year.

"It's a great question. It's coming up for the biggest year ever. I think by the end of 2024, we're going to know a long-term home for AEW going forward," said Khan. "We're looking at now, it's been over four years going on five years since we launched on TNT and then TBS. We do now five hours of TV, every Wednesday on TBS and every Friday and Saturday on TNT."

Khan later praised how WBD have been "great partners" and will continue to do so throughout 2024. He also called 2024 a "big year" for the promotion. 

"It's a great question because I think it affects the entire pro wrestling ecosystem and it's something we're going to be following very closely. I can't really say anything except that Warner Bros. Discovery have been great partners and will continue to be great partners through 2024 ... It's certainly going to be a very exciting contract year for AEW and all of the exciting possibilities. There's a lot to look forward to in this year — it's a big year."

Since the end of 2023, there have been rumors about WBD being in the lead to get the TV rights to WWE's "Raw" and Khan has spoken about those rumors with News4Jax. WWE has already found new TV deals for "NXT" and "SmackDown." In 2025, "NXT" is going to The CW, and "SmackDown" is set to move to the USA Network. 

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