Savio Vega Explains How Scott Hall Got Him In The Door Of WWE In 1994

Despite often playing a despicable heel in the ring, Scott Hall has often been praised by fans since his passing, and a number of his peers have also shared heartfelt stories about him. According to Savio Vega on the "Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw" podcast, Hall was responsible for kicking off the process of getting him into WWE. According to Vega, he met Bam Bam Bigelow while Bigelow was returning to WWE, and asked him to send his regards to Hall.

"I said to him please, if you see Scott Hall, tell him I say hello. We wrestled here in Puerto Rico many times, the cowboy Scott Hall. We got involved in a few matches. Next tour, Bam Bam Bigelow arrives, he says here, Scott sends you his number. He's gonna be at home next week." Vega then gave Hall a call and was given a WWE tryout in New York not too long after. However, along with difficulties getting to New York and turning down work in anticipation of a WWE debut, Vega quickly found himself without work for three months.

"They send me home, almost three months, I'm starving already, I start working as a security to make money. One day I said f—k it, I gotta call these people to ask if they're gonna give me my job or what." After getting in touch with WWE again, Vega spoke to Pat Patterson, who set him up for a debut as the short-lived Kwang character. Vega then had to make some adjustments to his schedule again, since he was in Mexico at the time to get himself ring gear. Despite the issues with transportation, he ultimately praised WWE and attributed them to helping pay off his house.

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