Ted DiBiase Says WWE Hall Of Famer Andre The Giant Disliked This Wrestler

Andre The Giant is one of the most beloved professional wrestlers of all time and is widely respected by his peers. However, Ted DiBiase revealed that Andre didn't always like everyone on the roster, claiming that John Studd was someone that the late star didn't like at all.

"Again, obviously here's a guy who is not that good, and is big," DiBiase said on "Everybody's Got A Pod." "When you're Andre The Giant, there's only one giant, and it ain't you, John Studd. A lot of people had the same thought about John Studd as Jake [Roberts], me, wasn't a bad guy, a big strong guy, and again willing to lie to get back in." 

Studd was a bigger wrestler who was competing around the same time as Andre The Giant, being one of the few wrestlers in the business who could come close to his height at the time. Despite Studd enjoying plenty of success throughout his wrestling career, the "Million Dollar Man" doesn't believe he came close to what Andre was able to do inside the ring, particularly for a man of his size. 

"To me, there were a lot of big guys, and there were some that were decent workers," DiBiase said. "To me, nobody topped Andre. Andre mastered the skill of being able to get in the ring with somebody that's half his size and find a way to make the people believe that he just might lose, that's hard to do, but Andre could do it."

The two giants clashed against each other numerous times in the '80s in their career, primarily in WWE (which was then known as WWF).

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