AEW Dynamite Results 1/17: HOOK Challenges Samoa Joe, TNT Title Match, The Young Bucks Speak

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for January 17, 2023!

Tonight will see Samoa Joe defend the AEW World Championship for the first time since he won the title at AEW Worlds End. He will be competing against HOOK, who has put together an impressive record of wins throughout his time in AEW.

That will not be the only title match on the show though, as Christian Cage will be defending his TNT Championship. After a confrontation with fellow veteran Dustin Rhodes at the weekend, the two men will now face off in singles action with the title on the line.

There will also be a ROH World Six-Man Championships match as Brian Cage and The Gates Of Agony put their titles on the line against Jay White and The Gunns.

The Young Bucks made a surprise return last week to confront Sting and Darby Allin, seemingly challenging them to Sting's final match at AEW Revolution. Tonight Matt and Nic Jackson are scheduled to appear once again as they're set to speak to the crowd, likely providing some more clarity on their immediate future.

It also remains to be seen whether or not AEW addresses Jack Perry's recent return to the wrestling world at NJPW's Battle Of The Valley. He tore up his AEW contract during that segment, and has yet to return to the company since his suspension.

Finally, after scoring a victory over Red Velvet on her in-ring debut for the company last week, Deonna Purrazzo will be wrestling on "AEW Dynamite" for the first time as she faces Anna Jay.

Christian Cage (c) vs. Dustin Rhodes (TNT Championship Match)

Christian Cage wastes no time taking a cheap shot at Dustin Rhodes with a low kick, but Rhodes responds with his classic scoop slam, which leads to the champion bailing out of the ring. Rhodes keeps up the attack outside the ring, slamming Cage into the barricade and the announce table before delivering countless punches in the corner of the ring. 

Cage fires back with an uppercut, but as he tries to climb the turnbuckles Rhodes responds with one of his own. Rhodes gets sent head-first into the ring post though as Cage then dives over it to take out Rhodes on the outside. He beats the 10 count but is immediately taken down with a neckbreaker with Killswitch then takes a cheap shot towards Rhodes as Cage distracts the official. 

Cage takes too long with his Frog Splash attempt, allowing Rhodes to roll out of the way. The two men then go back and forth with punches as Rhodes then hits a Manhattan Drop and a big boot before connecting with a bulldog, but the champion kicks out. Cage then goads him in and trips Rhodes into the middle rope.

However, Rhodes avoids Cage's traditional slap that follows, and he looks for a suicide dive, but Cage blocks it and then snaps the neck of Rhodes back. This time his Frog Splash connects, but Rhodes kicks out. Killswitch then distracts the official while Rhodes has a pinfall locked in, and Nick Wayne hits the ring to reverse that, but Rhodes kicks out. 

Rhodes sets Cage into the corner and delivers his running boot. He follows it with a superplex and then Cross Rhodes, but Cage kicks out. Cage then distracts the official again as Wayne and Killswitch try to attack Rhodes, but he gets the best of both men with a Destroyer to Wayne outside the ring. However, as Rhodes goes back to the ring Cage sends him into the turnbuckles. He follows that with a Spear and then a Killswitch, but Rhodes kicks out.

Winner (and still TNT Champion): Christian Cage

Backstage, Swerve Strickland tells Renee Paquette that people are talking about him the most out of the Continental Classic. That makes him the most dangerous man going after the AEW World Championship. He puts over Adam Page as a wrestler

Best Friends vs. Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander

Chris Jericho is shown backstage and says The Don Callis Family took the AEW World Tag Team titles away from him and Sammy Guevara. He is interrupted by Matt Sydal, who says this isn't the Jericho he knows, and suggests he needs a match. They will wrestle on Rampage.

Orange Cassidy and Penta El Zero Miedo kickstart the match by going back and forth, but Komander tags in and takes out Trent Bereta with a knee strike before diving out of the ring to attack Cassidy. However, he gets dropped by Beretta who then tags in, and he begins launching Komander around the ringside area before he and Cassidy hit a double vertical suplex.

Beretta then blasts Penta off the ring apron, but Komander avoids the dropkick attempt from Cassidy and he then sends Beretta out of the ring as well. Penta tags in and instantly hits slingblade as Beretta eats a thrust kick with Komander launching himself over the top rope to take him out again. Pent nails Made In Japan on Cassidy, but he's able to kick out. Beretta manages to cut off Komander to stop a double-team attempt, with Cassidy then tagging out. 

Penta comes back in and runs and leaps off Komander's back to hit a Canadian Destroyer as Komander then hits a Frog Splash, but Cassidy breaks the pinfall attempt. Beretta avoids a Phoenix Splash and then nails a lariat, but Penta attacks him until Cassidy makes the save and hits a Beach Break to Penta. That is followed by an Orange Punch to Komander as Beretta then takes out Komander to finish things off. 

Winners: Best Friends

Post-match the Undisputed Kingdom make their way down to the ring. Roderick Strong questions why Cassidy worked in a tag match rather than defending his title. He wonders if Cassidy has nothing left in the tank, or because it belongs to him and Cassidy can't face it. Cassidy says he's got it, and he will face him right now, but Strong says no, Cassidy will have to wait until Revolution.

Adam Page is then shown backstage and says nobody cared more about the AEW World Championship than him. He wanted to win the title, but in 2024 not only does he want that again but he wants to hold it and keep it there. He doesn't think about Swerve at all, but he says it doesn't matter as Samoa Joe is the champion.

The Young Bucks Speak

Mark Briscoe then comes out on the one-year anniversary of his brother's passing. Mark recalls them telling his oldest niece she will never walk again, and she then appears behind him walking! He says they won't stop, because they can't stop. He says the family thanks everyone from the bottom of their hearts. 

The Young Bucks are shown backstage with Renee Paquette, as Nick Jackson demands more respect, they want to be called Nicholas and Matthew Jackson. Matthew says none of the rumors people write about are true, but what would you do to protect your baby if they were true? He says he would go and do everything all over again to ensure that AEW exists. He says when they started AEW they used to say, 'Change the world.' They were rebels and it was out with the old and in with the new, but somewhere along the way they did lose their way.

Toxicity leaked into the locker room according to Matthew, and that's because they leaned on yesterday's cancerous superstars. He says Sting is none of those things, he's a role model employee and one of the greatest of all time. They wanted to change the world, so they need to say goodbye to Sting and everybody like Sting. They'd never ask anyone to do anything they're not willing to do themselves. Nicholas says they'll pull some strings as EVPs, and they leave. 

Gates Of Agony & Brian Cage (c) vs. Jay White & The Gunns (ROH World Six-Man Championship Match)

Jay White tries to take the fight to Toa Liona with some chops, but the bigger man takes control and drives several knee strikes in as Bishop Kaun tags in and dives from the top rope to land on him. Austin Gunn looks to change things up, but Brian Cage tags in and immediately takes control as Gates Of Agony then hits a double-team move to gain a near fall.

Liona tags back in and nails a big double chop to Austin as he follows it by just launching him out of the ring. Kaun then attacks Austin, but he then attacks both men on the ring apron as he tags in Colten Gunn. The fresh man comes in hot with a splash to Cage before a neckbreaker as he then slams Kaun down to the mat with authority, but he's able to kick out. Colten tries for a Famouser but Kaun avoids it and then gets run through by Liona. They then nail consecutive finishing moves, but Colten's partners save the match. 

Liona overcommits outside the ring and ends up in the timekeeper's area, while Cage gets sent head-first into the ring post. White tags in and takes the fight to Kaun with a series of chops and then a uranage, but Cage nails him with a lariat. He gets taken out by The Gunns, but Kaun hits a double dropkick to them. Prince Nana then grabs the foot of White which allows Liona to drop White which gains a near fall. 

With the official distracted Nana tries to use a title, but Anthony Bowens appears and stops it. Meanwhile, back inside the ring White hits the Blade Runner.

Winners (and new ROH World Six-Man Champions): Jay White & The Gunns

Adam Cole and Wardlow are shown backstage with Cole claiming Wardlow will go down as one of the best of all time. He says Wardlow will run through everyone until becoming AEW World Champion

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Anna Jay

Deonna Purrazzo starts out in control, taking control of her injured arm with a few kicks to the area as she then tries to stomp down on it, but Jay gets out of the way. Jay sends Purrazzo into the turnbuckles, following it up with a snap suplex. She then stomps down on the fingers of AEW's newest signing, before nailing several forearm strikes, but it isn't enough to get the win. 

Purrazzo turns things around with several sharp kicks, but Jay counters with a roll up attempt. Despite that, Purrazzo immediately responds with a big boot only for Jay to hit an axe kick and a backstabber, but Purrazzo kicks out once again. She then takes Jay down to the mat with the Venus de Milo, securing the win. 

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo 

Renee Paquette then interviews Purrazzo, who says she and Toni Storm used to be like sisters, but it's clear she's changed...but so has she. Purrazzo says Storm hasn't met the most technical women's wrestler in the world, but Storm says techncally speaking, Purrazzo is a technically tanned hag. Mariah May then launches a shoe at Purrazzo as the champion gets carried away by Luther.

Private Party vs. Top Flight 

Darius Martin and Isiah Kassidy start out with several reversals, and both men tag out as the two teams then stand off inside the ring. Marq Quen and Dante Martin come into the match, but Quen brings his partner back in as he leaps over the ropes to drop Dante before yanking Darius' neck down onto the top rope. Dante fights back gainst Kassidy, but he gets isolated in Private Party's corner as they work together to keep him down on the mat.

Darius tags back in and puts the figh to both men, dropping them with a DDT and reverse DDT combo which gets him a near fall. Private Party pick up the pace though as Quen launches himself out of the ring several times to take out both of his opponents. He hits a 450 Splash, but Dante manages to kick out. Top Flight then hit a combination of moves which forces Kassidy to break things up.

Dante hits Quen with a knee strike, but he eats a boot from Kassidy for his troubles. Private Party then hit Gin an Juice as Quen rolls up Dante Martin and grabs the ropes for an advantage.

Winners: Privte Party

A video package then airs for Sting and Darby Allin, with Allin claiming it's all about the finish of the story, and they will end as AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. HOOK (AEW World Championship Match)

HOOK immediately charges into the match by throwing hands at Samoa Joe, but the champion dumps the young start out of the ring. Joe tries to respond with a chop but HOOK keeps up the attack. Joe throws HOOK to the barricade but HOOK jumps up and stabilizes himself before diving at Joe and knocking him down. However, inside the ring, Joe has had enough as he nails a back elbow that sends HOOK flying.

Joe then unloads on his challenger in the corner of the ring with a flurry of shots and chops. Joe hits a standing elbow drop, but HOOK kicks out from that. Joe connects with a few knee and elbow strikes to remain in control, but HOOK fires back with a chop and then brings the champion down before delivering a sliding lariat. Joe heads out of the ring, but HOOK keeps up the attack by running and launching himself off the ring apron. 

Joe responds by spiking HOOK on the announce desk, which breaks under him. HOOK flips the champion off, but that only angers Joe who decides to powerbomb HOOK onto the ring apron, which leads to the medical team checking up on him. HOOK brushes him off and heads into the ring only to be hit with a power slam, but HOOK kicks out to stay in the fight! The champion then delivers a Muscle Buster, and HOOK kicks out at one! 

HOOK follows it with several lariats that take the champion down as he then unloads with body shots as he hits the t-bone suplex. Joe blocks Red Rum and immediately locks in the Coquina Clutch, and while he doesn't submit, he is unable to respond as the official brings the bout to an end. 

Winner (and still AEW World Champion): Samoa Joe

Post-match, HOOK shouts and asks Joe if that's all he's got, so he gets back into the ring and delivers another Muscle Buster. However, HOOK gets back up to his feet so Joe returns to the ring, but this time Adam Page makes his way down to stop any further attacks as Joe walks back up the ramp. While Swerve Strickland is also shown at ringside, watching everything unfold.