WWE Hall Of Famer Ted DiBiase Compares Owen Hart's Talent To Brother Bret

Owen Hart's death during WWE Over the Edge 1999 remains one of the most tragic events in pro wrestling history. Sadly, Owen's career was cut short, and it was never determined if he could someday surpass his brother, Bret Hart. During a recent episode of "Everybody's Got A Pod," Ted DiBiase expressed his thoughts on who the better wrestler was between the two.

Naturally, DiBiase's first response when talking about Owen was to mourn the potential he had as a pro wrestler. "Owen had so much ahead of him..." DiBiase continued, noting that great things could've been ahead for Owen had he just not fallen that day. "So many things he could have done had he not fallen; it's just so unbelievable..."

However, when it came to comparing the brothers, DiBiase paused for a second but maintained that Bret was better, despite suggesting that it was a close call. "I think I'd still go with Bret. I don't know. That's really tough..." While explaining why he chose Bret over Owen, "The Million Dollar Man" explained that it was because of the similarities between him and Bret. "That's it. We came from the same school of psychology of what wrestling is. Same mentality."

DiBiase has praised Bret in the past and even claimed that he never doubted "The Hitman's" potential. During this older podcast episode, DiBiase referred to the few matches he had with Bret, where he likely saw his ability. Additionally, he even claimed that Vince McMahon likely saw this in Bret as well, and suggested that this was why he pushed "The Hitman."

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