Nick Khan Discusses Details Of WWE Raw Broadcast Rights Deal On Pat McAfee Show

WWE had a major announcement Tuesday with the news "WWE Raw" will be headed to Netflix in January 2025. The deal is reportedly worth $5 billion over 10 years, meaning WWE will earn $500 million a year from its new media rights agreement with the company.

Following the announcement, President of WWE, Nick Khan, appeared on the Pat McAfee Show to talk with the former "WWE SmackDown" commentator about the broadcast rights deal. For those wondering if WWE's premium live events are moving to Netflix as well, Khan clarified the ins and outs of the pact.

"Our current partner in the United States on all the premium live events like WrestleMania is Peacock and NBCU. They've been tremendous partners," Khan said on the show. "This deal with Netflix is for the premium live events outside of the United States, excluding certain territories where we have existing deals, like India for example. But it's 'Raw' globally ... it's really a global enterprise with Netflix that should build to something even greater."

'Raw' Moving Nights?

It's been rumored "Raw" could be headed to a night other than its traditional Monday slot. In the press release announcing the Netflix deal, the show was not called "Monday Night Raw" to keep things general. Khan clarified that on McAfee's show as well, saying that at this moment in time, "it remains Monday Night Raw."  That said, even against Alabama versus Michigan and Washington-Texans games a few weeks ago, "Raw" did a .6 in the 18 to 49 demo, which is a great rating against big competition.

"Keep in mind, we have ten and a half months until this deal is up and running," said Khan. "We're looking at what you're looking at and what everyone else is looking at, you have a proliferation of gambling with "Monday Night Football." You have an enhanced Disney package, better games. You have the Manningcast ...You also have the college national championships, football, and hoops, on Mondays. You have a lot of Mondays where there is stiff competition ... If we stay on Mondays, it'll work, if we move to a different day, we think it'll work too."

"Raw's" current deal with USA Network is set to expire in October. It is reportedly worth $260 million per year. Come next January, it will be the first time "Raw" has left traditional television since the show began airing in 1993.