WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results 1/27: Men's & Women's Rumble Matches, Owens Vs Paul, Reigns In Action

Welcome to our WrestlingInc.com live WWE Royal Rumble 2024 viewing party. Today's show comes from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Tonight's show will kickstart the 'Road To WrestleMania' as one man and one woman will book their places for the Grandest Stage Of Them All by winning the Royal Rumble matches. With 20 men currently confirmed, there are plenty of options for audiences to root for, with Cody Rhodes attempting to finish his story, while CM Punk aims to book his place in the main event of WWE's WrestleMania for the first time in his career. 

For the women, there are only 10 slots pre-announced, with Bayley and Becky Lynch having the biggest stories heading into the match. Bayley has promised to add another title to Damage CTRL by defeating Rhea Ripley at 'Mania, while Lynch is also aiming to defeat The Judgment Day star after winning the Rumble. 

Besides the two Rumble matches, there are a couple of title bouts. Logan Paul will be back in action as he defends his United States Championship against Kevin Owens, while Roman Reigns' historic Undisputed WWE Universal Championship run will be tested in a fatal four-way. He will be competing against LA Knight, AJ Styles, and Randy Orton, but with tension between those three men as well, there is plenty of intrigue heading into this one.

Here's what's in store for today:

  • United States Championship Match: Logan Paul (c) vs. Kevin Owens
  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. LA Knight
  • Women's Royal Rumble Match
  • Men's Royal Rumble Match

Women's Royal Rumble Match

Before the Royal Rumble gets going, Pat McAfee makes a surprise return to join the commentary team!

Entrant #1 Natalya

Entrant #2 Naomi

Naomi gets a major "Welcome back" chant to kick things off as she and Natalya shake hands, only for Natalya to drop her with a shoulder tackle. She responds with a hurricanrana, as she ducks under Natalya to avoid some of her offense, but Nattie connects with a basement dropkick and both women then hit a double crossbody.

Entrant #3 Bayley

Bayley immediately takes the right to both women, but Naomi fights back and then hits a Rear View to Natalya, who responds with a double basement dropkick to both women. 

Entrant #4 Candice LeRae 

She hits the ring and immediately attacks Bayley in the corner, stomping away on her, as she then shifts the focus to Natalya. She knocks her down and then jumps off Natalya's back and hits a Codebreaker to Bayley while dropping back down to Natalya at the same time. 

Entrant #5 Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace hits the ring and immediately takes out everyone as she then stares down at her TNA rival Naomi. They hut and then begin brawling as Grace nails a back elbow before planting Naomi on the mat.

Entrant #6 Indi Hartwell

Hartwell hits the ring and takes down Bayley with a Spinebuster before working alongside LeRae as she lifts her and drops LeRae down onto Bayley for further impact.

Entrant #7 Asuka

Asuka hits the ring and nails a double dropkick as she encourages Bayley to work with her as they drop Nataly with a double clothesline. However, Asuka then avoids a high five that Bayley wanted, showcasing some tension. Asuka throws Hartwell over the top rope, but she hangs on and then tries to eliminate Asuka, but Bayley makes the save, and she dumps out Hartwell. 

Bayley eliminates Hartwell

Women's Royal Rumble Match Part 2

Entrant #8 Ivy Nile

Nile hits the ring and targets Naomi, lifting her before planting her down on the mat.

Entrant #9 Katana Chance

She immediately targets Asuka and connects with a few kicks until Grace picks her up with one arm and slams her down. Nile then does the same thing and the two of them then pick up their opponents with stalling standing suplexes. They both pop up and stake the fight to each other with Nile connecting with a kick until Grace responds with a back elbow.

Entrant #10 Bianca Belair 

Belair comes in and tries to eliminate Bayley and then Asuka, but she's unable to do so, with Bayley helping to save Asuka once again. The "EST Of WWE" continues to showcase her power, dropping Chance down onto Bayley and LeRae before springing off the ropes to land on them all. 

Entrant #11 Kairi Sane

She launches herself in from the top rope to attack Belair before Spearing Chance as she comes together with Bayley and Asuka. Bayley slams LeRae off her back as she then begins fighting The Kabuki Warriors, and the trio work together to get her out. 

Damage CTRL eliminates LeRae

Entrant #12 Tegan Nox

Nox leaps from the top rope to attack Bayley, but she runs into Grace. The TNA star tries to eliminate her, but Natalya makes the save. They hug as Natalya then looks to eliminate her, but Nox reverses and does the deed herself. However, she's immediately caught out by Bayley. 

Nox eliminates Natalya

Bayley eliminates Nox

Entrant #13 Kayden Carter

Carter and Chance start working together straight away by working on Bayley and then Asuka. Sane then almost gets eliminated, but somehow she hangs on with the bottom half of the apron, but that doesn't last and then she falls out. However, Asuka hangs onto the rope, only for Chance and Carter to hit a double dropkick as they eliminate Asuka

Chance/Carter/Belair eliminate The Kabuki Warriors

Entrant #14 Chelsea Green

She is almost eliminated immediately by Belair, but she hangs on. Green then nearly gets thrown out once more, but Green hits a Zig-Zag only to be hit with a Spinebuster from Grace. Belair then throws Grace over the top rope but she hangs on, comes back and then nearly eliminates Belair. The two women then end up on the ring apron with Belair hitting the KOD to send her packing. 

Belair eliminates Grace

Women's Royal Rumble Part 3

Entrant #15 Piper Niven

Her first job is to catch Green after Chance and Carter almost eliminate her. She places Green on the stairs and then plants Chance face-first onto the mat before dropping Carter on top of her and then hitting a senton to both. However, the women then opt to work together to attack Niven in the corner, attempting to eliminate her. 

Entrant #16 Xia Li

She hits the ring with several sharp kicks as Carter then gets thrown across the ring. Meanwhile, Belair only just hangs on after Nile attempts to eliminate her.

Entrant #17 Zelina Vega

She hits a Meteora to Carter and a knee strike to Chance, before sending Naomi straight into Belair. Niven attempts to use her size to benefit her, but Vega reverses and DDT's her to the mat. 

Entrant #18 Maxine Dupri 

Dupri takes out Bayley to start with, and she then connects with several forearm strikes to Niven, but as she attempts one back Dupri drops to the mat before it even connects. Vega goes for the Code Red on Niven but it doesn't work so Belair gives her a helping kick and this time it connects. They then work together with Carter to try to eliminate Niven, but Green makes the save. Niven then catches Carter with a right hand, and she's out. 

Niven eliminates Carter

Entrant #19 Nia Jax 

Jax catches Vega in mid-air and throws her across the ring. Li attacks her, but she gets eliminated for her troubles. 

Jax eliminates Li

She then fights against Nile, ramming her head into the ring post to eliminate her. 

Jax eliminates Nile

Green and Niven then attempt to work together, with Niven charging Jax into the corner, crushing Green repeatedly. They then charge into each other, but Green gets caught in the middle again as Jax then throws Niven onto Green. 

Entrant #20 Shotzi

Niven hits a running crossbody to Jax with Naomi following it with a leg drop as Shotzi comes in with a senton from the top turnbuckle. Dupri then nails the Reverse Caterpillar to Jax and then all of the women in the match work together to try to eliminate Jax but she powers out.

Bayley then throws out Dupri, while at the other side of the ring, Jax takes out Niven. 

Bayley eliminates Dupri

Jax eliminates Niven

Jax then lifts Chance and throws her out as well. 

Jax eliminates Chance

Women's Royal Rumble Part 4

Entrant #21 Becky Lynch 

Lynch immediately takes the fight to Jax, with the two of them brawling inside the ring as Jax then almost eliminates her.  She stays in and hits a missile dropkick to Jax before dropping Shotzi and Vega with a double DDT.

Entrant #22 Alba Fyre

She comes in and lifts both Veg and Shotzi onto her back before dropping them down to the mat. However, she then gets attacked by Jax.

Entrant #23 Shayna Baszler 

Baszler immediately hits a German suplex to Belair, and then slams Shotzi down to the mat and follows it with a knee strike. 

Entrant #24 Valhalla 

Valhalla starts making her way out, but R-Truth then appears and slips into the ring, looking confused. He asks where the guys are but then gets eliminated by Jax. Adam Pearce comes in and clarifies the situation. Valhalla gets in and then gets the same treatment as Truth.

Jax eliminates Valhalla

Entrant #25 Michin

She slides in and springboards back to attack Fyre before she slams Bayley down onto Baszler. Michin takes the fight to Fyre, and Naomi then joins the act as she spikes Fyre down to the mat and eliminates her. 

Naomi eliminates Fyre

Entrant #26 Zoey Stark

Stark hits Michin with a missile dropkick and then a running knee strike to Shotzi. Baszler attempts to eliminate Vega but fails. Both women end up on the ring apron as Stark hits a big kick while Baszler lifts Vega, eliminating her. 

Stark eliminates Vega

Entrant #27 Roxanne Perez

Perez hits the ring and attacks Stark before nailing a forearm to Baszler. Bayley comes from behind and tries to eliminate Perez, but she survives and then takes the fight to Jax until she slams down the NXT star. Baszler then tries a submission onto Jax, but she dumps her out before doing the same to Michin. 

Jax eliminates Baszler & Michin

Jax then powers up Shotzi and launches her out of the ring, crashing into Michin and Baszler on the outside.

Jax eliminates Shotzi

Entrant #28 Jade Cargill

Cargill hits the ring and comes face-to-face with Jax. They brawl as Cargill then powers up Jax and slams her down to the mat. She nails a big boot, lifts Jax, and dumps her out. 

Cargill eliminates Jax

Cargill then tries to charge into the corner to attack Lynch, but she avoids, and the debuting star crashes and burns.

Entrant #29 Tiffany Stratton

Stratton makes an entrant with a Swanton which takes down many stars before she plants Lynch with a Spinebuster, with Perez then getting slammed down to the mat.

Women's Royal Rumble Part 5

Entrant #30 Liv Morgan

Morgan comes in hot with an Oblivion to Bayley, but Stark then hits her with a superkick. She tries to eliminate Morgan, but she blocks it and then hits a big right hand to dump her out.

Morgan eliminates Stark

Stratton then manages to take out Perez across the ring. 

Stratton eliminates Perez

Cargill and Belair then face off in the middle of the ring, but Bayley and Stratton attack them before they can touch. Cargill keps fighting and plants Naomi down with a Spinebuster, she then superkicks Lynch which almost eliminates Lynch. She hangs on the apron, and as Naomi runs at her, Cargill spins her around and Naomi kicks Lynch and eliminates her, with Cargill then dumping out Naomi. 

Naomi eliminates Lynch

Cargill eliminates Naomi

Stratton then almost eliminates Belair, pulling at her ponytail, and Bayley comes along and kicks them both out. 

Bayley eliminates Stratton & Belair

Bayley starts fighting Cargill, but she eats a big right hand from Cargill. Morgan then nails a knee strike to Cargill and they begin brawling. She tries to hit an Oblivion but Cargill blocks it, and all three women are on the ring apron. Bayley and Morgan work together, but Cargill fights back. Morgan then hits Oblivion to Cargill which gets rid of her, as Bayley immediately kicks out Morgan to win. 

Morgan eliminates Cargill

Bayley eliminates Morgan

Winner: Bayley

Roman Reigns (c) vs. LA Knight vs. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton (Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match)

The three challengers argue to start, but then instantly, all turn their sights on the champion and begin beating him down in the corner. Randy Orton then focuses on Roman Reigns while LA Knight bounces AJ Styles off the announce table, with Orton then just throwing Reigns onto it before Knight does the same to Styles. Orton tries it with Knight, but he reverses and slams Orton onto it repeatedly, but he misses with a running boot, and Orton drops him on the announce table. 

Orton launches Reigns into the steel stairs, while Styles then begins attacking the "Viper" until the WWE veteran responds with clotheslines and then a power slam. However, he attempts the same to Knight, who avoids it and connects with a kick before dropping Reigns with a side Russian leg sweep. Reigns then gets back in and slows the pace by attacking each man, focusing specifically on Knight with a series of short-arm clotheslines in the corner before hitting a big one in the middle of the ring. 

Styles tries to get involved, but gets launched into mid-air with a back body drop for his troubles. Reigns misses with a Superman Punch to Knight, who responds with a series of punches and then a DDT as Orton gets powerslammed. Knight follows it with a bulldog to Orton and then a superplex to Styles, before nailing the BFT to Reigns but Styles falls into them to break the pinfall attempt. 

Styles then lights up Orton with a series of kicks and hits Reigns with a Styles Clash, and this time Knight stops the pin. Orton drops Knght with the draped DDT, and he then catches Styles on the top rope and hits an RKO, before dropping Knight with one as he then reverses a Superman Punch into an RKO. However, Solo Sikoa pulls the official out of the ring and stops the count.

He then drops Orton with a Samoan Spike, with Knight getting the same treatment. Outside the ring, Sikoa tries to charge Styles through the barricade but he avoids it. Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm and all three men end up stacked together, but they all kick out in time. Styles pulls out a chair and begins attacking Reigns with it as Knight then eats the steel, but Orton pokes him in the eye to stop it.

However, he turns around into a Spear from Reigns. Knight then plants Reigns and follows with an elbow drop, but his BFT attempt is reversed, and as that happens he falls onto the top rope which knocks off Styles. Reigns hits Knight with a Superman Punch and then Styles with a Spear. 

Winner (and still champion): Roman Reigns

Logan Paul (c) vs. Kevin Owens (United States Championship Match)

The fight immediately heads outside the ring, with Kevin Owens launching Logan Paul into the barricade repeatedly. Back inside the ring, Owens connects with a chop and then nails a German suplex which he tries to follow with a cannonball but Paul gets out of the ring. As Owens tries to attack him again, Paul slams him into the barricade and then attacks his hand.

However, the champion takes too long trash-talking and immediately eats a clothesline and a senton outside the ring. Owens hits several more chops, but as he tries to get back into the ring Paul stomps on his hand and he then slams the injured area repeatedly into the ring post. Back inside the ring, Paul looks for the Octopus, but KO breaks out of it only for Paul to once again focus on his hand as he punches down on the injury.

Owens tries to respond with a senton, but this time the champion gets his knees up. However, KO does manage to drop Paul down onto his knee, creating some distance between them, and this time he does connect with a cannonball, opting to hit a second immediately after. Owens connects with a Frog Splash, but Paul kicks out. He then looks for a Swanton, but Paul gets the knees up and he then goes for one of his own, and KO rolls out of the way with both men crashing and burning with the attempt. 

Paul hangs Owens up on the top rope and then nails a Buckshot Lariat before connecting with a Frogsplash, but Owens kicks out. Paul tries for a superplex but KO reverses with an avalanche brainbuster, which gets another near fall. Paul loads up the punch but instead eats a superkick. However, he does hit the KO Punch after reversing a Stunner, only for Owens to kick out once again!

A member of Paul's friendship group then appears over the barricade, but security gets rid of him. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller then appear and try to talk to security, with Theory slipping Paul his brass knuckles, but KO gets a roll-up. That doesn't work, but Owens pulls the brass knuckles off Paul and nails a KO punch of his own. He starts pinning the champion, but the official sees he has the weapon and that leads to a disqualification. 

Winner via DQ (and still United States Champion): Logan Paul

Post-match, Owens attacks Paul and Powerbombs him through the announce table. 

Men's Royal Rumble Match

Entrant #1 Jey Uso

Entrant #2 Jimmy Uso

The brothers stare each other down and then go back and forth with punches as the two men manage to keep reversing each other due to their knowledge of one another.

Entrant #3 Grayson Waller

Waller comes out with a microphone in hand and says nobody cares about this sibling rivalry as Jey Uso is a flop, but he superkicks him as soon as he gets onto the apron. Jey then tries to eliminate Jimmy, and as he turns around Waller drops him with a Flatliner. He and Jimmy then work together attacking Jey.

Entrant #4 Andrade

He instantly drops Waller with a chop and then a spinning back elbow as Jimmy gets taken down with a forearm. Andrade follows it with double knees to both men, and then goes for the Three Amigos, but Waller blocks the third. 

Entrant #5 Carmelo Hayes

Hayes springboards with a clothesline to Waller, and then avoids a superkick from Jimmy which instead hits Waller. Hayes nails a superkick to Jimmy and then he and Jey start brawling with Andrade. Waller rolls into the ring and goes for a Flatliner, but Hayes reverses and then throws him out. 

Hayes eliminates Waller

Entrant #6 Shinsuke Nakamura

He starts lighting up Hayes with a series of kicks and then Good Vibrations in the corner, countering a springboard attempt with a kick in mid-air. 

Entrant #7 Santos Escobar

Escobar targets Jimmy and then Nakamura before throwing Hayes up into the air and then down onto his knee. He then grabs Andrade to hug, but Andrade doesn't agree and tries to eliminate Escobar. He survives the attempt and they then begin brawling in the corner.

Entrant #8 Karrion Kross

Kross instantly levels Hayes with a clothesline, with Jey Uso being attacked in the corner, setting him up for the running hip attack as he and Jimy agree to work together. 

Men's Royal Rumble Match Part 2

Entrant #9 Dominik Mysterio 

He takes his time getting into the ring, but then focuses on Jey Uso in the corner.

Entrant #10 Carlito

Carlito starts attacking every man in sight, but Mysterio catches him with a kick to the face until he runs over him. Carlito then chomps his apple, but Escobar then throws him over the top rope. Carlito doesn't get eliminated though and he spits the apple at Escobar before throwing him out. 

Carlito eliminates Escobar

Entrant #11 Bobby Lashley

He hits the ring and begins dominating until Mysterio pretends to act scared, only for Lashley to Spear him anyway. He tries to focus on Kross but ends up duping Carlito out of the ring, and then he Spears Kross and throws him out as well. 

Bobby Lashley eliminates Carlito & Kross

AOP then makes their way down to the ringside area, while Lashley gets put on the ring apron as Kross pulls his feet and eliminates him from the floor. 

Kross eliminates Lashley

The Street Profits then come down and the six men brawl all around ringside. 

Entrant #12 Ludwig Kaiser

Kaiser attacks Jey straight away

Entrant #13 Austin Theory

Theory catches Hayes with an elbow strike before dropping him to the mat. 

Entrant #14 Finn Balor

Hayes is focusing on Mysterio so Balor instantly comes in to help by eliminating the NXT star, following up with a Slingblade to Andrade. 

Balor eliminates Hayes

Entrant #15 Cody Rhodes

Rhodes hits the ring and nails a Cody Cutter to Theory, launching him out and then throwing his weight belt toward the fans. 

Rhodes eliminates Theory

Men's Royal Rumble Mach Part 3

Entrant #16 Bronson Reed 

Reed attacks Nakamura and then Rhodes, hitting a splash in the corner to flatten them both. He then nails a double Samoan Drop to both Balor and Mysterio, and he follows it by dumping Adrade out of the match. 

Reed eliminates Andrade

Entrant #17 Kofi Kingston

Kingston puts his focus on Kaiser, continuing their recent issues as he hits a diving crossbody, meanwhile, Rhodes nails Cross Rhodes to Nakamura on the second rope, which leads to Nakamura bouncing off the ropes and out. 

Rhodes eliminates Nakamura

Kingston continues his issues with Kaiser and springboards up and nails in the face. 

Kingston eliminates Kaiser 

Entrant #18 GUNTHER 

GUNTHER shouts at Kaiser on his way to the ring, but Kingston takes the fight to him until he gets leveled with a chop, as do Balor and Mysterio. Jey takes a beating at his hands too, but so does Jimmy after he attempts to make friends mid-match. Rhodes then pulls GUNTHER and the two men begin brawling. GUNTHER then ends up fighting Kingston as the Imperium star dumps him out. 

GUNTHER eliminates Kingston

Entrant #19 Ivar

Ivar takes down Mysterio and then hits a cartweel to connect with several men. Ivar hits elbow strikes to GUNTHER until he and Reed start brawling and then run into each other. 

Entrant #20 Bron Breakker

He hits several Spinebusters as he then runs through Ivar and sends Jimmy Uso out of the ring with Balor following. 

Breakker eliminates Jimmy Uso & Balor

He then turns and faces GUNTHER, taking the fight to the Intercontinental Champion as he nails a Spear. 

Entrant #21 Omos

He uses his size advantage to take down several inside the ring, with his big boot catching Reed which allows him to be eliminated, but Ivar then springboards only to eat a Spear from Breakker who then tosses him out. 

Omos eliminates Reed

Breakker eliminates Ivar

Entrant #22 Pat McAfee 

McAfee instantly stares down Breakker and Omos and then he climbs over the top rope as if he's going to leave, but comes back in with a tease, but then he eliminates himself. 

McAfee eliminates himself

Breakker then manages to use his strength to take out Omos, but as he celebrates Mysterio comes from behind and gets rid of him. 

Breakker eliminates Omos

Mysterio eliminates Breakker

Entrant #23 JD McDonagh

As McDonagh makes his way to the ring but eats a Spear by Breakker as he was leaving. 

Men's Royal Rumble Match Part 4

Entrant #24 R-Truth

Truth throws in McDonagh, but he instantly gets eliminated as Truth then thinks it's a tag match and Mysterio tags him in. 

Entrant #25 The Miz

The Miz starts nailing his kicks to GUNTHER and then DDT's him, but he holds back from fighting Truth due to their friendship. Miz tries to eliminate Mysterio, but Truth stops him as he thinks he's in The Judgment Day. 

Entrant #26 Damian Priest

He comes in and immediately attacks Truth, throwing him out of the ring

Priest eliminates R-Truth

Entrant #27 CM Punk

Punk instantly starts hitting his running knee strikes to everyone in the corner of the ring, but Mysterio then tries to sneak up behind him, only for Punk to reverse and dump him out. 

Punk eliminates Mysterio

Entrant #28 Ricochet

Ricochet uses his agility to take down GUNTHER, but he gets leveled with a clothesline from Priest. Miz then eats a huge chop from GUNTHER, so much so that it eliminates him. 

GUNTHER elimintes Miz

Entrant #29 Drew McIntyre

McIntyre launches Ricochet across the ring before showcasing his aggression to Uso as he then begins brawling with Priest and comes out on top with a Spinebuster. Uso then connects with a Superkick to GUNTHER as he tries to take him out, but GUNTHER hangs on and pulls Uso out. 

GUNTHER eliminates Uso

Entrant #30 Sami Zayn

Zayn instantly attacks McIntyre, attempting to eliminate him, only to eat a big chop from GUNTHER. Ricochet tries to kick McIntyre, but he catches his foot and then just flips him over the top rope. 

McIntyre eliminates Ricochet

Rhodes Pedigrees Priest only to be taken out by GUNTHER, while Zayn launches McIntyre into the corner and then hits the Helluva Kick, but he then eats a kick from Priest only for Zayn to clothesline him out of the ring. But he can't celebrate because McIntyre dumps him out. 

Zayn eliminates Priest

McIntyre eliminates Zayn

The final four men begin fighting, with the two heels controlling the pace as they slowly beat down Punk and Rhodes. Punk sidesteps a Claymore Kick, but then isn't able to hit a GTS and instead eats a Glasgow Kiss. GUNTHER and Rhodes then get a Claymore each as McIntyre also nails one to Punk. McIntyre then talks trash to Punk, but he lifts him up and dumps the Scotsman out. 

Punk eliminates McIntyre

GUNTHER powerbombs Punk, and the Intercontinental Champion then catches Rhodes attempting a Cody Cutter. He takes him to the top rope, but Rhodes hangs on and eliminates him. 

Rhodes eliminates GUNTHER

Rhodes and Punk begin exchanging blows with Punk coming out on top with a series of slaps and a back fist, but Rhodes turns things around with a powerslam. Punk then connects with a series of German suplexes, and then a knee strike and a running bulldog. Rhodes then takes a page out of his father's playbook with the Bionic Elbow, and he looks for Cross Rhodes, but Punk blocks it with a kick, but he's not able to get Rhodes over the top rope. 

Punk tries to set up the GTS, but Rhodes reverses and hits the Cross Rhodes, but as Rhodes goes to get Punk he gets hit with a GTS. Punk then hits a Pedigree, but Rhodes then reverses another GTS attempt, and Rhodes throws him out. 

Rhodes eliminates Punk

Winner: Cody Rhodes