Tommy Dreamer & Mark Henry Discuss WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Post-Event Presser

WWE recently held a press conference after the "Royal Rumble" where many had the opportunity to ask questions of people like Paul "Triple H" Levesque, including for his thoughts on the scandal surrounding Vince McMahon. While many had issues with Levesque's responses, on "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer and Mark Henry gave their take on the presser and if Levesque handled it correctly.

"Triple H got a lot of heat for that answer, but honestly, I don't know what he is supposed to say?" Dreamer noted. Henry agreed and proposed what Levesque could've added to his response. "Other than we don't have a lot of information. There is a case pending against Vince McMahon, and when we have more news, we will get to that. I'm not saying that anybody's right or wrong at this moment because we don't know." He also noted that Levesque should have apologized to the WWE Universe, who he believes were "embarrassed" by the controversy.

Dreamer added that other than trying to apologize or explain his stance Levesque could also have simply said that he wasn't allowed to discuss the pending case. "Straight up, because that happens at press conferences with governments." However, following this, he shared that he thinks press conferences should be eliminated if it doesn't serve a wrestling angle. "I remember back in the day when all press conferences were set up for two guys to yell at each other and then to have a fight and to further a wrestling angle. It is hard to do a press conference on a sport that isn't real." However, Henry disagreed with this take, opining that fans are more interested in the corporate side of wrestling these days. In response, Dreamer noted that it would have gone poorly no matter how Levesque handled it. "There's no way to handle that. Cody said it the best, I would've just gone off of that: 'I'm getting the information as you do.'"

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