Tommy Dreamer Gets Candid About Latest WWE Scandal

The controversial allegations made against Vince McMahon have become a stain on the history of the promotion and if proven true, could be one of the biggest scandals in the history of wrestling. On "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer addressed the allegations and what it means to him as a former WWE star. Dreamer started by emphasizing that a safe workplace needs to be prioritized in the world of wrestling going forward. Following this, he noted that those involved in the McMahon scandal need to be held accountable.

"If it is true, everybody needs to be held accountable for it." However, he also expressed the same thing if the allegations are proven false. "A lot of times the outcome, if it is 'Hey, this isn't true' doesn't get reported on enough." Continuing, he recalled how difficult the scandal has been for both him and Mark Henry. "We personally know Vince McMahon. We've worked with Vince McMahon but we've also had friendships with Vince McMahon." He also added that the claims are still alleged and that McMahon has been known to fight through difficult things at difficult odds. "When this happens they're going to look deep into both parties and there's going to be an investigation."

Additionally, Dreamer emphasized the business aspect, and that he agreed with WWE and TKO for distancing themselves from McMahon. "WWE and TKO did the right thing with distancing themselves [from] Vince McMahon, also Vince McMahon stepping away because he understands how this is affecting WWE." Henry also lent his voice to the conversation and how he wants to hear both sides of the story. "Based on the alleged story from Miss Grant's side, you don't wanna just take one side of the story, you want both sides of the story."

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