Top Indie Star Volunteers To Face Mick Foley If Hardcore WWE Legend Has One More Match

Despite being 60-years old and having taken some of the most dangerous bumps in the history of wrestling, Mick Foley on 'Foley is Pod' admitted that he has a desire to have one more match before he fully calls it a career. Not only does he want one more match, but he wants it to be a Death Match, and a bloody one at that.  Many people have tried to emulate the punishment Foley went through in his career, but one person has taken to X to offer himself up as Foley's final opponent; former WWE star and self-proclaimed "King of the Death Match" Matt Cardona. The former Zack Ryder wrote "If Mick Foley is really having one last match...and it's a deathmatch...there is only person who should be his opponent...ME! THE DEATHMATCH KING!"

Cardona has tried to lure Foley out of retirement before. As recently as 2022, Cardona wore special gear at that year's The WRLD on GCW event that had the words "F**k Mick Foley" written on the back of it due to Foley saying "F**k Matt Cardona" during a special appearance for GCW in October 2021. However, a match never materialized between the two men, and Cardona has continued to call himself "King of the Death Match" to this day, despite the fact that Foley actually won a tournament in 1995 called as such.

Foley has been officially retired since 2012, with his last match being that year's Royal Rumble in WWE. He was slated to be Dean Ambrose's (now AEW's Jon Moxley) first opponent in WWE at that year's Summerslam, where Ambrose was meant to be angry at Foley accidentally creating a generation of hardcore wrestlers that looked up to him and tried to follow in his footsteps. However, due to Foley's health, he wasn't medically cleared and has remained inactive.