Tommy Dreamer Assesses The Future Of AEW's 'Timeless' Toni Storm

"Timeless" Toni Storm has revitalized her AEW run by undergoing a drastic character transformation that many fans and industry veterans have praised. Tommy Dreamer recently assessed her future in AEW during an episode of "Busted Open Radio," wherein he suggested that she'll ultimately turn babyface.

Storm is in a feud with Deonna Purrazzo, likely due to their past together. However, Dreamer explained how this has some issues due to Storm's current persona. "[Purrazzo]'s trying to talk reality to someone who's not in reality. Toni Storm is completely in –- she's a character lost in her own character." 

Dreamer suggested that Storm will eventually turn babyface and recalled how WWE legend Kamala underwent a similar change. "She'll start to turn babyface, and she is so over the top, and fans just like it. You'll have to have that balance because it is hard to be a heel when you're that entertaining. If you think about Kamala, who as the Ugandan savage –- a cannibal -– and then he got over as a babyface."

Lastly, Dreamer recommended that Storm study Mick Foley, who was known for juggling multiple personas ranging from babyface to heel. He also brought up The Undertaker's character evolution from "The Deadman" to "The American Badass." "Look at the evolution of The Undertaker, how he went from slow, methodical, not being able to talk, to being able to communicate and actually not be able to slow diatribe like the dead person that he was."

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