Why Claudio Castagnoli Wants To Win The AEW Continental Classic

The AEW Continental Classic proved to be a hit with fans as Eddie Kingston won the lot and became the Triple Crown Champion. However, Claudio Castagnoli wishes he had won it instead of his rival, while still noting that the event was good for AEW. 

"Certain things are out of your control. I think if I take a step back and look at it from a fan perspective, and from a company perspective, I think it was very successful because it was fun," he told "The Mike Hoke Show." "It was something different, and something you can see nowhere else, and I think the fans were looking forward to it every week." 

Castagnoli was part of the Blue League but only managed a fourth-place finish, gaining seven points. However, he believes it was a positive situation for the entire company as it built anticipation and wasn't super predictable as both sides of the bracket were filled with top guys. The Blackpool Combat Club star also wants to be involved in the Continental Classic again, assuming the event returns. 

"I think it helped AEW grow and get very focused. This is what it's about, and this is the prize at the end of the tournament," he said. "I think from a fan perspective and from a company perspective, I think it was very successful, and I hope it's going to happen again next year so I can win the damn thing.

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