WWE Hall Of Famer Road Dogg Discusses Favorite Memories Of Chyna

Chyna, "The 9th Wonder of the World," broke industry standards during the WWE Attitude Era, and while her passing in 2016 was tragic, she's recognized as a legend of pro wrestling today. During a recent episode of his "Oh, You Didn't Know?" podcast, Brian "Road Dogg" James recalled some of his favorite memories of working alongside his former D-Generation X stablemate.

James recalled D-Generation X's gym sessions together, which he usually attended while being hungover. "I would be on a remembrance cycle in a gym somewhere, just kind of hungover; I'mma sit here until Billy is done working out so we can go eat. And just watching them do squats and then puke in a garbage can and retape their knees and go do it again. And you just go, 'What? What's happening here?'"

He continued by stating how much he misses her to this day. "And she was just incredible. She was an incredible human being... I miss her. I know a lot of people do... She was hilarious. She was one of –- that's what I always say –- she was one of the boys."

He also noted that, at first, he was surprised to hear about Chyna's relationship with Triple H, but it didn't change anything between the group members. "I didn't know her and Hunter were dating for a long time because I never saw her that way: as a person that was going to date one of us. She was just one of us. But like, then I found out they were dating, cool, nothing changes. It just stayed the same."

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