TNA Star Rhino Opens Up About Settling On The Gore As A Finisher

Many pro wrestlers have utilized the Spear over the past few decades, with both Goldberg and Adam "Edge" Copeland getting the move over during their respective generations. Rhino also utilizes the move as a finisher but calls it "The Gore." During a recent appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," the veteran recalled his history with the maneuver.

According to Rhino, he was initially asked about the move and hit it once during a match, which resulted in some Goldberg chants. "I did it one other time in '96, not saying it's mine; Goldberg got it over. People did it all the time, but he's the one that put it on the map, and Adam was using it before I was."

Rhino also explained why his version of the movie differs from other people's, but concluded that there's no real difference between his Gore and the Spear. "I just have a different version, mine's -– I'm a little lower center of gravity in my leg strength. That's what I say the difference is; there's no difference."

He also explained that Steve Austin was responsible for convincing him to ultimately decide to use the move as his finisher. "He goes, 'Why don't you just cover me after you Gore me?' And I go, 'This mother f**ker... He does not want me to pick him up and take a TKO!' So I just started doing that as a finish, and I'd do the thing in the corner. Listen to the veterans."

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