Smash Offers Explanation For Why Demolition Held The WWE Tag Belts So Long

During the late '80s, Demolition was one of the top tag teams in wrestling, and with their signature facepaint and attire, stood out among their peers. While they didn't have scores of tag team championship reigns, their first reign lasted a record-settling 478 days, which one-half of the team, Smash, recently discussed during an interview with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews."

According to Smash, his era had the greatest tag teams of all time and everyone could have had lengthy title reigns. "In that era, it was the greatest tag teams of all time. Every single person could have or every tag team could have had the belts for a long period of time." Continuing, he noted that the crowds were getting behind Demolition and that they played their roles as heels perfectly. "It seemed like every match we had with everybody was really a good match. After about a year of doing that, we kinda knew that they had to give us the belts because you could just feel it."

Smash also made it clear they had no meetings with Vince McMahon to decide the course of their characters, but that their run was all down to WWE creative, and especially Pat Patterson. "We had nothing to do with telling them what to do or asking them. Pat Patterson was the booker at the time and he knew that we were business and we would do anything with anybody, we were for the good of the match and I think that's why we were champions for so long."

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