Billy Jack Haynes Arrested In Connection With Wife's Homicide

A tragic circumstance in Portland, Oregon, as a former star of wrestling's territory era has been arrested in connection with his wife's homicide.

William Albert Haynes Jr., known to wrestling fans as Billy Jack Haynes, surrendered to police following a 2-hour standoff, according to Portland CBS affiliate KOIN. When authorities finally gained entry to Haynes's residence, his wife, 85, was reportedly already dead following an apparent shooting. There is no word on what Haynes will be charged with following his booking. Haynes is currently receiving medical attention for an unrelated malady and is expected to be booked into jail following his recovery.

Haynes was a territory star of the 80s and 90s, wrestling for WCCW, the NWA, then the WWF, and WCW, where he wrestled as an executioner named Black Blood. Throughout his career he held numerous titles, including the NWA United States Tag Team Championship, which he held with Wahoo McDaniel. After wrestling, Haynes opened a gym in the Portland area that reportedly failed.