AEW Dynamite Results: 2/14: Adam Copeland Faces Daniel Garcia, Texas Death Match, Young Bucks In Action

This is Wrestling INC.'s live coverage of "AEW Dynamite" for February 14, 2024!

Tonight's show will see Adam Copeland in action as he continues to push up the AEW rankings to try and earn another shot at the TNT Championship. He competes against Daniel Garcia in a singles match.


Orange Cassidy's issues with the Undisputed Kingdom will also reach new heights of intensity this evening. While he is defending his AEW International title against Roderick Strong at AEW Revolution, tonight Matt Taven will look to weaken the Best Friends member when they meet in a Texas Death Match.

Speaking of AEW Revolution, fans will hear from Samoa Joe, Adam Page, and Swerve Strickland ahead of their AEW World Championship match just one week after it was confirmed they will be facing each other in a triple threat match.

Meanwhile, Toni Storm will be premiering her latest film, 'Wet Ink,' as she continues to prepare for defending her title against Deonna Purrazzo at the upcoming PPV.

Fresh from their bloody attack on Sting and Darby Allin, The Young Bucks will be bringing their new attitude and style into the ring tonight as they face Top Flight. While Dax Harwood and Jon Moxley are set to collide in a singles match.


Finally, there will be in-ring action from the women's division as Willow Nightingale will compete against Skye Blue, with each of them aiming to climb up the rankings system.

Jon Moxley vs. Dax Harwood

After a little teasing from both men, Dax Harwood begins unloading on Jon Moxley with punches and kicks, but Jon Moxley reponds with a few chops and body shots of his own. Harwood drops Moxley with a shoulder tackle, but the Blackpool Combat Club star responds by trying to lock in a sleeper hold, but Harwood gets out of it with a pinfall attempt. Moxley clotheslines the FTR member out of the ring and then over the barricade. 


The two men throw fists at each other until Moxley sends Harwood head-first into the ring post. However, back inside the ring Moxley gets rocked with a Liger Bomb, which gets Harwood a near fall. They throw hands again, but it is Moxley who gets the best of the situation as he puts on a Figure Four Leglock, with Moxley then continuing to throw strikes at Harwood. 

They begin chopping each other back and forth until they change it to elbow strikes, forearms, and then both men end up hitting the mat. They then head up to the top turnbuckle and go back and forth with strikes as Harwood holds onto the ropes until Moxley bites his hand, but Moxley can't take advantage and the FTR star gets back up and superplexes Moxley down. 


Moxley then gets rocked with a lariat as Harwood sets in the Sharpshooter, but Moxley reverses and kicks his way out before driving his own boots down to the face of Harwood. He scrapes at Moxley's back and then delivers a Piledriver, but Moxley kicks out. They chase each other around the ring and as Harwood tries to get back in, Moxley kicks the ropes and delivers a cutter, a stomp and then a Piledriver, but this time Harwood kicks out. 

Harwood reverses a lariat attempts and then connects with a brainbuster, but it's still not enough. Harwood then misses with a diving headbutt, and that allows Moxley to lock in the rear naked chokehold which gets him the win. 

Winner: Jon Moxley

Post-match, Moxley doesn't let go until Cash Wheeler his the ring and attacks him. Claudio Castagnoli makes the save and then levels Wheeler with a Neutralizer. 

Don Callis is backstage and says they need to be on the PPV but they can't find an opponent. So, he will put together a match within his family a Konosuke Takeshita will face Will Ospreay.

Adam Copeland vs. Daniel Garcia

Barrett Brown vs. Wardlow

Wardlow immediately lifts his opponent onto the top turnbuckle and drops him down to the mat, connecting with a knee strike on the way. Wardlow then delivers his Powerbomb for the win. 


Winner: Wardlow

Adam Copeland catches Daniel Garcia with a forearm straight away, and as Garcia then tries to trip his opponent Copeland reads it and then splashes onto him instead. Garcia then showcases his technical skills by bringing Copeland down to the mat, as he then dances on Copeland's knees before driving them down to the mat. Garcia then tries to leap from the second rope but gets caught and driven down to the mat by the veteran. 

Copeland then dumps Garcia out of the ring and then begins dancing and starts trash talking the fans at ringside as he continues to work aggressively inside the ring. Copeland then baits Garcia in and Copeland catches him and works the arm, however, Garcia pulls Copeland from the top rope with a dragon screw. He follows it with stomps in the corner and then a running boot strike, with Garcia continuing to attack the leg with another dragon screw.


The two men then exchange strikes, but once again Garcia goes after the leg of Copeland which extends it. Garcia tries to go to the top turnbuckle but gets cut off and they then brawl up there until Copeland hits an avalanche impaler. Copeland then goes for a Spear but Garcia reverses with a boot and then a pinfall attempt, but Copeland turns it around into a crossface until Nick Wayne and Killswitch get in and attack both men.

Christian Cage then comes down and ges out some chairs. Dady Magic tries to stop him, but he gets attacked as well for his efforts. The heels then try to attack Garcia with the chair but Copeland makes the save with a chair only for Mother Wayne to drop him with a low blow. He then gets dropped with a Wayne's World and then The Extinction as Cage then nails him with a Con-Chair-To. 

Let's Hear From Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe says when he became champion he brought back the rankings system so only the best came up against him. Everything was going well until last week when Swerve Strickland and Adam Page battled to a draw. He says instead of telling them that they don't deserve to be in the ring with him, he's now in a three-way match and a crime has been comitted against him. 


He guarantees he will hurt one, if not both an he says they will btoh limp out. He stands here as World Champion and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Swerve Strickland then comes out and says originally this wasn't personal, but the more Joe talks it seems it is becoming that. He's on his way to becoming one of the greatest of all time as nobody outworks him. He tells Joe to put some respect on his resume. 

He's been grinding in the industry with the hopes that someone would say he's one of the best in the world, and he has proven today is that day. He's gone toe to toe with former World Champions and legends and he's the one left standing. Adam Page then appears and says he wasn't mad last week, as it was horsesh*t. He signed a contract to determine a number one contender and the winer became that, but Strickland couldn't do it. 


If it was up to Page it would be a singles match between him and Joe. Page says Strickland doesn't deserve one second of his time and he didn't deserve another five minutes. Joe then breaks it up and tells both men they won't pin each other at his expnse. As far as he's concerned, he's whipping both of their asses.

Toni Storm's latest movie looks into her tattoo and the friendship she had with Deonna Purrazzo. She helped her sign a contract, and nurtured her on her buzzom of brilliance. It's then shown that she's adding to her matching tattoo. Purrazzo is then shown backstage and says Storm talks too much, but she will break her arm, b*tch.

The Young Bucks vs. Top Flight

Nicholas Jackson kickstarts the match against Dante Martin, but Jackson is unable to get control so he tags out. Matthew Jackson then gets ping-ponged between the Martin brothers as Darius gets his first taste of the action. They send The Young Bucks out of the ring as Top Flight then try to dive out, but the veterans have walked out of the way. All four then start brawling outside the ring. 


Back inside, The Young Bucks distract Darius which allows Matthew to nail a clothesline. Dante does manage to make the tag and he comes in hot, taking the fight to both of his opponents. He springboards and connects with a big crossbody to Mathew, which gained him a near fall. Matthew cuts off the attack with a DDT as he tells the camera that Top Flight are good. 

Dante fights back and then knocks Nicholas off the apron, but he comes back in to break up a pinfall that Dante goes for. Darius then hits a Spanish Fly inside the ring, but The Young Bucks turn arund and then try use the ropes. Nicholas distracts the official, allowing Matthew to hit a low blow. They then deliver the EVP Trigger to get the win.


Winners: The Young Bucks

Post match, they tell Tony Schiavone they're undefeated this year which makes them the top team. Matthew days after beating a team like Top Flight it is saf to assume they're number one contenders.Matthew says he listens to Schiavone talk trash about them and that might be a breach of contract and it is unprofessional. Nicholas fines him and he then asks if he's okay with that and he pushes Schiavone. Matthew apologizes and they help him up, but tease hitting the EVP Trigger until Darby Allin makes the save. 

Allin says the original AEW mission statement was to change the world. He begged them for a job and they saw nothing in him, but he had to watch their sh*t friends get hired instead. Fortunately, there was an EVP around at the time who had brains to bring him in. He doesn't think The Young Bucks understand what they've gotten themselves into.

Willow Nightingale vs. Skye Blue

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang is shown backstage with Renee Paquette, and Jay White says they're yet to test their cohesiveness inside the ring. They then suggest the idea of a 12-man match on Rampage. 

Skye Blue immediately comes out of the gates aggressively, stomping away on Willow Nightingale, but she responds with a scoop slam which gets a one count. Blue slaps Nightingale in the face which fires her up, and she then slams her into the turnbuckles all around the ring, until Blue retreats outside the ring. Nightingale chases her back in and then immediately pounces her all the way across and out of it. 


Blue returns to the ring only to hit a snap suplex, but she then yanks Nightingale into the second rope and follows it with a big boot to the face. The ladies go back and forth with forearm strikes until Blue hits a superkick, but Nightingale responds with several big clotheslines and then a hip attack and lariat in the corner. Nightingale delivers a Spinebuster, which gets her a near fall. 

However, Blue then sets in the dragon sleeper, but Nightingale breaks out by sending Blue into the turnbuckles, and she then knocks her out of the ring to the floor. Nightingale then heads to the top turnbuckle, but Blue slips under and hits a superkick. She then delivers Code Blue, but Stokely Hathaway distracts the official. Nightingale delivers Powerbomb, and with no referee distraction wins the match. 


Winner: Willow Nightingale

Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Taven (Texas Death Match)

The two men waste no time taking the fight to each other, with Matt Taven hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb which sends Orange Cassidy out of the ring. Cassidy ends up launching the Undisputed Kingdom star into the barricade repeatedly, and as Taven tries to do it, Cassidy runs and jumps over it and into the fans. They then begin brawling up the stairs through the audience. 


They fight around to the stage as Taven sets up a table and puts Cassidy onto it. Taven then gets onto the stage and delivers an Elbow Drop through the table, but he then leans the broken table onto the ramp and suplexes him through it again for good measure. Taven delivers a huge running knee strike down the ramp to a bloody Cassidy and he follows it with a backbreaker and a DDT inside the ring. 

Taven then sets a table upright leaning on the announce table, but despite Taven hitting him with various moves Cassidy continues to avoid the table. It leads to Taven diving over the top ropes, but Cassidy moves and Taven crashes through the table himself. Cassidy then finds a box of chocolates from Chuck Taylor, he opens it to reveal thumbtacks, but as they fight on the top turnbuckle it is Cassidy that gets launched into them. 


However, Taven then looks for a Frog Splash and misses so he lands in the thumbtacks, with Cassidy then DDT'ing him into them. Mike Bennett turns up though and nails a box over the head of Cassidy before bringing in tons of chairs. But Trent Beretta turns up with a ppe and smashes it into the head of Bennett only to turn into Tave who throws a chair at him. He drives Trent down onto a chair only to be dropped onto the thumbtacks again by Cassidy. 

He then hits Taven with an Orange Punch while wearing a chain, and despite Roderick Strong trying to help, he got thrown out of the ring as Taven is unable to answer the 10 count. 

Winner: Orange Cassidy