Dijak Praises WWE Star As 'Literally The Best High Flyer In History'

Dijak might work a powerhouse wrestling style, but that doesn't mean he lacks appreciation for the high-flying maneuvers that smaller wrestlers bring to the table. He was clear about that on X (formerly Twitter), as he revealed who he believes to be the best high-flying wrestler of all time.


"I'm just gonna throw this out there because it's been on my mind lately for whatever reason. In my opinion, @KingRicochet is literally the best high flyer in history. He's one of the greatest in-ring talents I've ever seen or wrestled," he wrote. 

It isn't just Dijak who has that opinion either, as AEW's Matt Sydal responded to his original post and clarified that he agreed with the "WWE NXT" star's opinion. While fans chimed in with their thoughts, Ricochet himself reacted positively to their messages on X by saying, "Thank you guys so much. That is truly an honor." 

Ricochet often brings some of the craziest high-flying moves possible, and he's enjoyed plenty of success from that both in WWE and around the world. Ricochet is a former Intercontinental and United States Champion, impressing fans consistently with his performances. 


Surprisingly, Dijak and Ricochet have little experience together inside the ring, as they've only ever shared it seven times. Several of those were in battle royal scenarios, while both of their televised singles matches lasted less than three minutes. However, the "NXT" Superstar has evidently been impressed by what he's seen of Ricochet throughout his career, both in and out of WWE.