Tommy Dreamer Reacts To Chants For WWE Star Cody Rhodes On AEW Dynamite

Today, Cody Rhodes is arguably the biggest babyface in WWE, but despite being one of the founding members of AEW, the audience rejected him shortly before his departure, and he was often booed. During Darby Allin's recent promo on "AEW Dynamite," the crowd chanted Rhodes' name after Allin referenced the star, and according to Tommy Dreamer on "Busted Open Radio," this was a missed opportunity to get an AEW name over instead.


While Dreamer admits Darby was telling a truthful story about his history with Rhodes, he believes it should've been changed in order to get someone else over instead. "Sometimes it's okay in the world of pro wrestling to change your real story but if you think about it, he could've changed it with one name: Tony. All's he had to do was 'Thank God I had a boss who believed in me.' And the fans would've chanted Tony instead of Cody." Dreamer then recalled his own experiences with getting crowds to chant names during his days in ECW.

"I always knew I had the people to chant three letters: ECW. If I had to say something, I would direct it to Paul [Heyman], because Paul was my boss." However, Dreamer then suggested he could have easily made them chant his name due to his fame in the promotion, but that he wanted to bring positivity to ECW instead. Despite his criticism, Dreamer claims he doesn't think Darby's promo failed, but that he could've taken another route instead. "I wouldn't say he failed; I would say he didn't maximize. Darby is an emotional person he — again — telling the truth, and there's different ways to go about it. The fans love Darby."


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