Ricardo Rodriguez Opens Up About How His Wrestling Journey Has Changed Since WWE Exit

Ricardo Rodriguez, best known for being Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer in WWE, was released by the Stamford, Connecticut-based promotion in 2014. Since then, Rodriguez has continued to work in the business, and he recently opened up about his life after WWE during an interview with "Under the Ring."


"So for the last year and a half, I started this company here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, called Three Legacies Wrestling," Rodriguez said. "It started off with just the academy, just the school, and then it kind of branched off into doing our own events. It's been a very successful year and a half. We do monthly events. We draw on average 500 people at the events. We had a very large baseball stadium show that we drew about 2,500 people ... We're building something that we can be proud of. And not just for ourselves, but for potential future pro wrestling stars, but also including our awesome community that has been very, very supportive throughout this whole process."

Rodriguez, who had a tryout as a Spanish commentator for AEW in 2021, added that since exiting WWE, he has been running wrestling schools all over the world. He even went to India and opened a school there with The Great Khali. The pair ended up kickstarting an indie scene in the country, which did not exist before Rodriguez traveled over. In addition to India, Rodriguez also ventured to Australia, England, and Mexico to run training schools. Before launching Three Legacies Wrestling, Rodriguez established a wrestling school in Cairo, Egypt, and spent 12 months there. However, that facility didn't grow as much as he'd envisioned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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