Randy Orton Teases Big Reveal In Upcoming A&E Biography: WWE Legends Special

The "Biography: WWE Legends" series on A&E is set to return this Sunday with a brand new season detailing the history of WWE's most famous performers. Along with the likes of Diamond Dallas Page, the British Bulldog, and current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Randy Orton will be getting his own episode, covering a career that began in 2000 and has unfolded on WWE programming since 2002.


Orton seemed excited about the documentary when speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, stating that fans will learn about a different side to the former WWE Champion — and learn about one particular aspect of Orton's life that he's never gotten into before.

"I dug a little deeper on some of these questions," Orton said. "It's not the same old s*** that you've already heard for two decades. I talked more about what that bad conduct discharge from the United States Marine Corps was all about. Now you'll know what happened to lead up to that."

Having not done many documentaries or interviews like the "Biography" series before, Orton admitted that as he has gotten older, he is more willing to let people in to see who he really is as a person outside of the ring, and the stories he has been a part of inside it.


"I'm not as closed off as Undertaker was," Orton said. "But I haven't done enough of letting people in. I'm older, a little more mature, and letting the fans get to know me better is only a good thing."

Orton's episode will be the premiere of season four, and will air on A&E on February 25th at 8PM ET/PT.