Why Former WWE Star Tyler Breeze Called Move To Main Roster 'Bittersweet'

In 2015, Tyler Breeze was moved to WWE's main roster following a successful run on the "WWE NXT" brand. During an interview with "Developmentally Speaking," Breeze, who was released by WWE in June 2021, detailed how he felt about that call-up at the time.


"I was a little — I wouldn't say scared, I was just more, you know, it was almost bittersweet to where I knew once my stuff was hitting, I knew it was a matter of time," Breeze said. "And luckily I got to be in 'NXT' for quite a while, but I was up doing live event loops and dark matches for almost two years, I think. And so I knew, at some point, they're going to call me up. At some point, they're going to call me up, and I'm going to have to stop doing 'NXT,' which I enjoyed a lot, and I'm going to be on the main roster."

Breeze, now a coach at the WWE Performance Center, went on to say he knew his character — a narcissistic model that often took selfies during his entrance and matches — wasn't going to be as successful once he headed to "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown." The former "NXT" Tag Team Champion said he wasn't thrilled when he was informed about his call-up because he was having a great time performing on "NXT." When asked about his main roster run, Breeze expressed that there were numerous high and low moments. He loved working with Dolph Ziggler for several months, but there was a point when he thought the promotion was done trying with him. Despite his concerns, he ended up being paired with Fandango, forming Breezango, and that's when things picked back up for him.


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